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Battlefield Hardline single-player campaign length revealed

Visceral Games has revealed the average play time for the Battlefield Hardline single player campaign.

Ahead of the game’s release date early next year, TrustedReviews spoke to Steve Papoutsis, Executive Producer on Battlefield Hardline and GM at Visceral Games, about the game’s single-player campaign.

I would estimate for an average player it probably takes about 8 – 10
hours to complete.
Now if you’re just a crazy shooter guy it might be
faster”, explained Papoutsis.
“When we take the game to Game
Lab where we kind of do focus testing, the entire episode 9 takes
someone up to 90 minutes to complete. All the episodes are different
lengths, but they kind of average out.”

Developer by Visceral Games, Battlefield Hardline puts a different slant on the traditional Battlefield games by focusing on creating a police drama rather than the usual war themes.

The single-player campaign is split into episodes to mimic American cop dramas and even features actors from popular American series.

Previously, Visceral has been quiet about how long a time period the single-player campaign spans.

“You play as Nick Medoza who is a Cuban immigrant, who grew up in the States, and you follow his adventures over the course of about three years.”

“What happens is he starts out a pretty gung-ho rookie detective, and goes through a number of episodes – something happens – and he finds himself on the other side of the law, seeking revenge on some people that wronged him. That’s kind of the story at a top level.”
Battlefield Hardline is coming out on PC, Xbox One, PS4, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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