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Apple Pay announced as new mobile payment system

Apple Pay has been announced as a new mobile payments system for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Working with the new NFC antennae built into both new iPhone 6 models, Apple Pay will let you pay for items using your new phones.

“We’ve created an entirely new payment process and we call it Apple Pay”, explained Apple CEO Tim Cook.

“It’s fast, secure and it’s private”, Apple added.

It works with Touch ID and stores all your card details securely. In fact, it’s so secure all your data is encrypted and Apple doesn’t know where you’ve shopped or what you’ve bought.

All your cards are stored in the iOS 8 PassBook and you can use those already stored in the App Store and iTunes.

If you want to add a new card you can simply take a picture of it, and the iPhone 6 will pull out all the information it needs to make mobile payments.

The card numbers aren’t given to the stores. Instead it uses a one-time device specific payment number and what Apple is calling a “dynamic security code”.

If you lose your iPhone or it gets stolen, you can suspend all payments via the Find my iPhone app.

It’s starting in the US and there’s no word on wider availability at this stage.

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