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Apple iCloud reportedly held back by deep organisational issues

Apple continues to struggle with its iCloud implementation thanks to deep organisational issues, claims a new report.

Steve Jobs pushed the whole iCloud idea hard prior to his death in 2011, and he particularly wanted a seamless photo sharing experience across each Apple device.

However, according to The Information, Apple is further away than ever from realising Jobs’s vision.

For example, iCloud Photo Library was meant to be featured in iOS 8, allowing users to store full-sized photos from and iPad or iPhone. However, it still hasn’t seen the light of day beyond a beta version.

Also, there’s no integration with OS X Yosemite as yet.

While Apple executives are painting an optimistic picture, Apple workers have apparently suggested that there are “Deep organisational issues” holding up product launches.

In particular, it’s claimed that iCloud Photo Library is in such a mess because there is no centralised team working on cloud infrastructure for Apple. It doesn’t even have a project manager, unbelievably.

One explanation given for this is that Apple is used to projects existing in isolated teams, which isn’t much good for a service designed to connect such otherwise walled-off services.

Photos for Mac is scheduled for an early 2015 launch, so we’ll see soon how Apple responds to these logistical challenges.

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Via: 9to5Mac