Apple exec responds to complaints about ‘rip-off’ apps

There have been complaints about the Apple App Store’s listings since as far back as 2013 – is a fix finally incoming?

Apple’s Phil Schiller has responded to a user bemoaning the poor algorithms used in the App Store.

The issue relates to the ‘New’ and ‘What’s Hot’ sections of the store, specifically regarding so-called ‘spam’ apps that seem to regularly appear.

Here’s a great example:

Of course, it was only a matter of time until someone pinged Phil Schiller, who has been heading up the App Store since December.

Take a look:

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Thankfully, Schiller actually replied, and confirmed that Apple would investigate the matter.

Here’s the tweet:

What’s more, he acknowledged that there is indeed an issue with the way App Store is surfacing content.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a timeframe for when a fix may go live.

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