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Apple commemorates Earth Day by having Liam destroy Siri

Apple’s Earth Day celebrations featured two of its most lovable characters. No, not Woz and… erm… I’m sure we’ll think of another at some point… We’re talking about Siri and the new iPhone recycling machine called Liam.

In the humorous video spot published on Friday, Siri pleads to be spared from dismantlement by the planet-friendly Wall-E wannabe.

Liam, of course, attempted to steal the show at Apple’s spring event, where the 9.7-inch iPad Pro and iPhone SE were unveiled.

The machine deconstructs the iPhone manually by removing parts and separating them out from each other. Once all alike pieces have been collected en masse, the materials are repurposed.

Liam is able to separate the gold and the copper from the camera, rescue lithium and cobalt form the battery and remove the silver and platinum from the logic board.

Apple recently revealed its innovation has reclaimed 2,204lbs of gold from old iPhones, which is worth around $33 million on today’s market.

Here’s what it managed to reclaim:

Steel – 23,101,000 pounds

Plastics – 13,422,360 pounds

Glass – 11,945,680 pounds

Aluminium – 4,518,200 pounds

Copper – 2,953,360 pounds

Cobalt – 189,544 pounds

Zinc – 130,036 pounds

Lead – 44,080 pounds

Nickel – 39,672 pounds

Silver – 6,612 pounds

Tin – 4,408 pounds

Gold – 2,204 pounds