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Amazon turns Echo devices into an Alexa-powered home intercom system

Amazon has announced an update for its Echo range of connected speakers, which will allow those with multiple units to use them as an intercom system.

Users of the Echo, Echo Dot and the brand new screen-toting Echo Show will be able to chat to each other in different rooms thanks to the software update rolling out today.

So, for instance, if you have problems getting children to come down for their dinner or getting up for school, this could save you a few trips up and down the stairs.

Additionally, using the Alexa app, folks will be able to use the intercom feature from outside their home and Wi-Fi network. Pretty cool, huh?

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To enable the feature, each Echo will need to be assigned to a room using the Alexa app, while the Drop In feature will also need to be switched on.

Drop In is the feature designed for the Echo Show to enable quick and easy video calls between friends and family members.

Users will be able to whitelist some of their contacts who can then automatically start a video call without the owner having to accept it.

Although there’s a frosted glass effect for a few seconds before the picture becomes clear, that’s one we’re not so sure about.

Just recently, Amazon has been rolling out more tools to help the Echo become a communications device, with users now able to make voice calls and leave voice messages for fellow owners.

The company is also seeking to sell the wisdom of owning multiple Echos for different parts of the home. Today’s announcement services both of those desires.

Will you be enabling the intercom feature on your Echo devices? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.