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Best Android Camera App for Sharing: Instagram

Lots of people share photos on Twitter, on Facebook. But the number one place to upload your photos is Instagram, a social network based entirely around photography.

There’s a great chance you’ve already heard of it. And a good one that you already use it. Some of your friends almost certainly do.

As well as letting you keep up with the photos of burgers they’re posting online, Instagram also doubles as a camera app itself. It is extremely basic, though.

You get gridlines, but that’s about it. Instagram is much about about what you do with your photos after you’ve taken them, rather than using actual discrete camera modes.

After you take a photo, you’re asked what filter you’d like to apply – taking a photo with Instagram is like asking for a coffee Starbucks. You can’t ‘just’ take a photo.

There are shedloads of filters, and Instagram also offers you more more involved editing tools. You can crop and rotate, as well as fiddle with things like brightness, contrast and so on. Shooting is simple, but there are plenty of post-processing options.

Instagram is best though of as its own thing, rather than as a wholesale replacement for your default camera app. It’s really designed for portrait photos rather than landscape ones too. But get involved with the Instagram web and it can be pretty intoxicating.

Price: Free

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