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As far back as 2006, we reviewed the Ultimate Ears 5 Pro earphones and were blown away by how good they sounded. The 5 Pros employed a dual driver design, where high and low frequencies were sent to different drivers, offering a full and rich sound, coupled with amazing clarity.

At the time we couldn’t help wondering how anything could sound better than the 5 Pros, but a few months later the Shure E500PTHs raised the bar sky high and not just in the area of sound quality. There was no doubt that the E500PTHs blew the competition out of the water when it came to sound quality, but with a price tag of £420, you were going to have to be very wealthy and very serious about your music to buy a set.

The Ultimate Ears’ triple driver offering, the 10 Pros, begged the big question of whether Ultimate Ears can steal the crown back from Shure in the high-end earphone arena.

The 10 Pros have a similar design to the dual drive 5 Pros, but the translucent blue and black finish is a definite improvement over the white and grey finish of the older set. Each unit is quite large and protrudes a fair way from your ear when inserted. Like the super.fis the triple.fis have a malleable section of cable which allows you to route the cabling over the top of your ears and down the back. The result is a solid, comfortable fit that should stay put once inserted.

One major improvement is the cabling. Whereas the cable on the 5 Pros was very thin and insubstantial, the 10 Pros sport far thicker cabling, that feels like it could survive a decent amount of tugging, pulling and twisting. The cabling still isn’t quite as heavy duty as that seen on Shure’s earphones, but you’d have to be pretty rough to split or break it.

The 10 Pros ship with a very nice metal carrying case with a brushed titanium finish to it. Yes it’s a little bulky, but if you’re buying very expensive earphones, it’s worth keeping them in their case when you’re not using them – after all, you don’t want to pull them out of your bag and find that they’ve been crushed.

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