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Samsung Series 8 UE46B8000 - 46in LCD TV - Samsung Series 8 UE46B8000

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Samsung Series 8 UE46B8000 - 46in LCD TV


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All very interesting. And the proof of the pudding, of course, will be in the eating. But, before we get to that, while we're focussing on the UE46B8000's physical construction, I can also report that it uses the same Ultra Clear Panel technology used to great effects on most of Samsung's ‘normal' LCD TVs. This uses a proprietary anti-reflective coating within the screen's construction to boost contrast and colour response by reducing the amount of ambient light that hits the screen.

Another extremely important feature of this set is its 200Hz processing engine. As with similar systems witnessed on Sony and LG TVs, this refreshes the picture four times as often as a standard PAL 50Hz TV by interpolating new frames of image data designed to ‘fill in the gaps' between the real images coming in from a source - hopefully resulting in a picture free of judder and motion blur.

More good news finds countless other subtle picture tweaks tucked away within the nicely presented, if rather bizarrely organised, on-screen menus. I don't see much point boring you with all of them here, though - especially as I'll be getting into the most useful/interesting ones later on when we get to the picture quality portion of the review.

Before settling down to see what the TV's capable of, though, I need to point out that as with all of Samsung's recent mid and high-end TVs, the UE46B8000 is compatible with Samsung's rather nifty online service, accessed via the Ethernet port or an optional wireless dongle inserted into one of the USB ports. Unlike similar systems from rival brands, Samsung's online service genuinely has quite a bit of content to get your teeth into, including YouTube, Flickr and Yahoo news, weather and financial reports. What's more, the TV also enjoys Samsung's currently exclusive (until September) deal with Yahoo Widgets, making the addition of extra services relatively straightforward.

Adding still further to the prodigious multimedia potential, meanwhile, is another unique Samsung feature: the Content Library. This refers to a diverse selection of resources - recipes, children's stories, photo screensavers and so on - pre-loaded into built-in flash memory. You can even add extra content to the library as and when Samsung makes it available from its website. Though to be brutally honest, my feeling with the Content Library is that it's something you might explore a bit for the first few days you own the TV, but seldom go back to thereafter.

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