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Samsung ML-2525 - Mono Laser Printer


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Those crazy guys at Samsung rate this machine at 24ppm, but as with so many manufacturers’ speed ratings, they appeared to be ignoring the processing time before printing starts. The machine uses Samsung's own page description language, SPL, and it takes quite a while for a page to be rendered before the data-receive light on the ML-2525 starts to flash.

We recorded processing times of up to 25 seconds and some of these were on single page jobs, when these involved both text and graphics. The print speed of the machine once it's started is commendably quick, particularly for a printer costing under £85. Add the two times together, though, and we saw speeds of 12.5ppm for our 5-page text print, increasing to 16ppm for the 20-page one.

Our 5-page text and graphics print returned 8.6ppm on both of our test runs, largely because of the long processing time. Finally, a 15 x 10cm photo print on A4 paper took 31 seconds, again with quite a bit of the time spent processing the image.

These speeds are still very worthwhile and beat similarly priced inkjet printers by a margin of up to 2:1. Mono laser print is still the high performance option for black print in the home.

The print quality is also a lot better than from typical inkjets, with black text looking almost stamped on the page. The 600 x 1200dpi enhanced resolution of this machine does a very good job of producing clean text, you'd be happy to give to any customer.

Greyscale graphics are also above average and there's very little sign of banding which can spoil fills on mono laser printers. There's not quite the range of greys from some other machines, which means that different hues in colour originals don't always get distinguishable shades of grey when printed.

Our photo print did show some slight patchiness in the main area of sky and was quite dark by default, so losing detail in shadowed areas of the image. Even so, it's not a bad effort for an entry-level mono laser.

There are two versions of the combined drum and toner cartridge, one good for 1,500 pages and the other for 2,500. Using the higher yield consumable gives a cost per page of 2.8p, including 0.7p for paper. This is a good cost in comparison with other entry-level lasers, around 0.2p per page less than the Aculaser M1200, for example, though that machine is even less expensive than the Samsung.


The ML-2525 is an excellent little mono laser, very neat on the desk, not costing the earth to run and producing very good quality print in the areas where it's likely to be used. While the print speed doesn't live up to the maker’s specification, it's still more than adequate for typical home uses.


February 28, 2010, 5:42 am

I would love to upgrade my existing sammy mono but I have no incentive to other than it looks sexy, my old beast has been perfect in every way and when I stuffed up myself (too sad a situation to type here). Samsung helpline were the best customer service I have ever encountered. I wish tech firms started to do scrappage schemes = more trade which can only be good no?


September 28, 2010, 9:01 pm

printer was initially inexpensive to purchase, print quality is good, speed is good.

BUT, the replacement cartridge was expensive at $92 and it claimed to average 1500 sheets.

i was able to get only about 700 sheets out of it before it was empty - just a few hundred more than the cartridge that came with the machine and less than half of the claimed average.

i'm not sure if this was a lemon of a replacement cartridge but samsung support was unwilling to replace it for me as the cartridge is considred a 'consumable'.

so far this machine is more expensive to operate than the old inkjet i was using prior- at about 13 cents per sheet.

i'm considering returning this machine as it so far is not doing the job it was claimed it could do.

Jason Bolduc

November 9, 2010, 1:20 am

Samsung printers are notoriously problematic.

It prints, until it breaks - which will likely be sooner than expected.

I have had 3 Samsung printers over the past 5 years. ALL THREE had major problems and the last one I purchased The Samsung CLP-310 has LITERALLY spent more time in the repair shop than it has being functional.Customer support is the worst I have experienced.

They will find ANY POSSIBLE REASON not to have your printer repaired. You will spend hours on the phone with people who barely speak English as they ask you to print out the printer report after you tell them your printer doesn't print! You get the idea.

Stay away from these printers if you value your own time and wish to not spend hours on customer service lines.

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