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Samsung Galaxy Camera – Image Quality: ISO Tests

By Paul Nuttall



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Below are our standardised ISO test shots, starting from the Samsung Galaxy Camera's lowest setting of ISO 100 and rising incrementally to the top setting of ISO 3200.

Samsung Galaxy Camera ISO 100 Full

ISO 100 – The test scene in full (click to enlarge)

Samsung Galaxy Camera ISO 100

ISO 100 – 100% crop

Samsung Galaxy Camera ISO 200

ISO 200 – 100% crop

Samsung Galaxy Camera ISO 400

ISO 400 – 100% crop

Samsung Galaxy Camera ISO 800

ISO 800 – 100% crop

Samsung Galaxy Camera ISO 800 FULL

ISO 800 – full size (click to enlarge)

Samsung Galaxy Camera ISO 1600

ISO 1600 – 100% crop

Samsung Galaxy Camera ISO 3200

ISO 3200 – 100% crop

Samsung Galaxy Camera ISO 3200 FULL

ISO 3200 – full size (click to enlarge)


September 5, 2012, 7:23 am

OK, I want to know the two obvious things about this beast:

a) Can it readily be used as a phone? I don't mean with Skype, I mean ... er... natively? Is that one of its functions, including pairing with my Bluetooth headset to make ordinary calls? Does it accept a SIM card?

b) Is there ANY detectable delay between what happens in front of the lens and what shows on that lovely big display? That's always been my complaint with electronic cameras - the delay that causes me to miss action and nature shots - I have more photos of blurred departing tail-feathers than I'd care to count, because my electronic viewfinder's delay had me clicking after the subject (bird?) had already launched.

If the photos are really impressive in quality, including decent low-light performance (detail and lack of noise...) I'm in. If the thing can be carried as a replacement for my Motorola Droid3 phone, I'll even forgive it the lack of a physical keyboard.

After all, the reason that people carry compact cameras is so they can get candid and impromptu shots. Uber-correct optical and image-processing performance - while really, really nice - would be secondary.

Women would carry CAMERA-phone (as opposed to their current camera-PHONE) in any everyday purse, and not notice the additional bulk and weight... among the load of bricks they usually have in there.

Guys who don't wear suits would just revive the belt-mount phone case. Only the suits would have a hard time finding a suitable way to carry the thing.

But my a) and b) questions need answering. Anybody?


December 20, 2012, 5:51 am

The 3G is for data only and it does take a sim. This device has no telephone capabilities Been looking at this phone as a possible xmas present to me from me :-)

Cant answer B sorry.

Merry Xmas


January 26, 2013, 12:56 pm

I've also tested the camera... Also tried to see if the screen will scratch :) Check out this video: http://www.youtube.com/watc... to see if you'll have any issues with that :)


August 28, 2013, 5:54 pm

Hi Juppiter,

I have owned this nice piece of hardware for the last 2 months, taking it with me to my trips in Eastern Europe and Asia, and I can only tell you that this has got to be one of the best cameras I've ever owned!

To answer your questions:

1 - I'm afraid that there are no phone features, so Skype is just as far as you can go.

2 - Having used it at different times of the day, in a number of situations ( including night time shots, fast action pictures and dimly lit places), I have never experienced one single delay between what happens in front of the lens and the image on the display. Moreoever, the camera is equipped with two features, one for the least experienced users which allows you to automatically adjust the camera to the environment conditions ( for instance, if you need to take continuous shots, or you need to take pictures at dusk or at night etc). This feature is particularly useful especially for those who are new to semi-professional photography. Additionally, there is an alternative mode aimed at more experienced users, which allows you to manually adjust the aperture, the shutter speed and the brightness.

In either case, you get flawless shots. Ever since I bought this camera, I have totally forgotten that irritating 'tail-feather' effect which occurs especially when taking pictures of fast-moving objects.

I hope my reply was useful to you.


June 23, 2014, 12:20 pm

Why do I need a SIM card if the camera can not be use as a phone?

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