Nokia 7210 Supernova



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Hot on the heels of Nokia’s 5800 XpressMusic I’ve got a somewhat less innovative Nokia phone for review. The 7210 Supernova is a small, thin, light handset and I mean light for the pocket as well as light on features.

Being light on features doesn’t necessarily make for a handset to be avoided at all costs. A mid-ranger can be a superb phone if its capabilities are nicely chosen and well integrated, and it performs well. Crucially, though, it also has to offer value for money.

The physical design has a certain appeal in two ways. First, this is a neat phone. It measures 106mm tall, 45mm wide and 10.6mm thick and it weighs just 70g. Second, the general look is nice. My review sample was the blue one, which means turquoise highlights on the number pad area and a turquoise edging. There are pink and grey options too. All the phones have white, grey and black filling out the bulk of the colour scheme.

But usability is not what it could be. The numberpad is flat and not as responsive as it ought to be. You have to press relatively hard to make contact with a key, which takes a little getting used to. I found texting at speed was a bit of a challenge and stubby-fingered types could suffer particularly.

At just two inches, the screen is tiny and although it has 240 x 320 pixels, which make it look sharp, it just isn’t large enough for things like web browsing or viewing serious amounts of data.

That’s actually not too much of a problem with this phone as it’s hardly what you’d call a multimedia user’s dream. As a tri-band GSM handset, you aren’t going to be whizzing around the mobile data world at a rate of knots. You can browse the web, but frankly, it is a bit of a tedious activity with plenty of waiting while pages arrive and get rendered to the screen. And because this is an S40 handset you don’t get a lot of sophistication in the web browser, either.