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Nokia’s 5070 is a straightforward mobile phone with no frills. It is definitely at the low end of mid-range, if not even lower than that.

Made almost entirely of plastic the black, white and red colour scheme is not very inspirational, though Nokia has come up with a grey dot pattern for the back cover and a metal strip to house the back mounted camera which help give it a bit of a lift.

The plastic casing means the Nokia 5070 is pretty light – just 88g. A similarly positive statement can’t be made for the general build, though. This is a fairly chunky mobile at 18.6mm thick, though its 105mm of height and 44mm of width are very much candybar standard measurements.

The good news is that, as is often the case with Nokia’s mid-range and lower end handsets, the front keys are all large. The numberpad keys are sizeable and have a huge raised area. Anyone keen on fast texting might find this mobile ideal in the keypad department. The navigation key is raised from its surroundings and its central select button follows the trend of being large. The same comment applies to the Softmenu, Call and End keys.

With a generous amount of the front fascia given over to keys, the screen is necessarily squeezed. I measured it at 1.8 inches corner to corner. It is a CSTN type and delivers just 128 x 160 pixels. These two features mean the screen lacks vibrancy and definition. The 65 thousand colour-count is low too, and between them the screen specifications are uninspiring.

The screen seems to take a millisecond or two to respond to key presses but if you are not coming to this phone from a different and better specified model the lag is probably not going to be noticeable. In the end, if you are just looking for a phone whose primary purpose is making voice calls a fancy screen is probably low among your priorities.

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