Motorola MC55 Rugged Smartphone



Key Features

  • Review Price: £1131.59

The MC55 is what Motorola calls an EDA or Enterprise Digital Assistant. This means it’s not designed to be plonked down on the table next to your keys on a night out to show off what a fancy handset you’ve got, but instead has been put together to withstand the daily rigours of business use out in the delivery van or at home on the factory floor.

Motorola claims that this is the smallest and lightest of its ruggedised enterprise devices. If that’s the case then we wouldn’t like to see the other models in the range because this is one hefty beast. It’s much larger than it seems in the pictures as it has the width and girth of around four of your average smartphones.

There is a reason for this bulk, however, as the handset is designed to be tougher than an armour clad Arnold Schwarzenegger. The case can withstand a drop onto concrete from a height of 1.2m and is also sealed to IP54 standard. This means it’s protected against dirt, dust and water spray (although it’s not fully waterproof, so don’t try taking it for a swim).

As you can probably tell by now, it’s no super model in the looks department, but then again it’s not really designed to be. That said, the large size is a bit of an issue as it makes it quite bulky to hold and heavy to carry around. Therefore, it’s probably not an ideal handset for the likes of cycle or motorbike couriers (surely one of the target markets for this type of device).

The MC55 runs Windows Mobile 6.1, which isn’t the easiest operating system in the world to use, but it’s probably the most versatile for the types of applications that the MC55 will be called on to run. Industry is one of the areas where Microsoft has actually made significant in-roads with its mobile OS, so there’s a wealth of off the shelf applications already out there.

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