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  • Review Price: £1295.00

In case you’re wondering, Loewe is pronounced ‘lerver’, not ‘lowy’ as most people seem to think. A fact which makes a lot more sense when you realise that the company hails from Germany. In fact, Loewe is currently the only German company with a truly substantial TV presence in the UK – an exclusive position it has achieved via an unusually consistent combination of innovation, hot design and good performance quality. So we understandably have high hopes for the brand’s latest 26in LCD offering.

The Xelos A26 certainly doesn’t disappoint on the design front. Every element of the design screams quality, from the ultra slender profile and sumptuous combination of black and gun-metal grey for the fascia, through to the boldly emphasised infrared receiver and the ‘waved’ shape of the speaker grilles. What’s more, if the ‘Platinum’ colour scheme shown here doesn’t suit you, the set can be had in an arguably even prettier Anthracite finish instead.

This colour flexibility is typical of Loewe, which nearly always goes much further out of its way than most manufacturers to give buyers genuine choice in how their TV looks.

Loewe also tends to offer more flexibility than most in the features department, using modular, upgradable chassis designs to give customers some degree of choice in exactly what tricks their particular Loewe TV has. For instance, Loewe TVs can commonly be retrofitted with Dolby Digital sound or home automation control modules.

However, having just whet your appetite for this flexibility, we’re disappointed to report that the Xelos A26 actually does not use one of Loewe’s upgradable chassis. We guess this is to some extent understandable given that the Xelos sets are effectively Loewe’s entry-level range, but it’s a pity nonetheless. The only truly useful feature flexibility with the Xelos range comes if you step up to the 32in or 37in versions, for which an optional 80GB ‘DR+’ built-in HDD PVR is available.

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