LG HT32S 2.1-Channel DVD System



Key Features

  • Review Price: £205.00

LG boasts one of the widest selections of all-in-one home cinema systems in the business, offering something for all tastes and budgets. But one thing that unites them all is great value for money, and the HT32S is yet another feature-packed one-box system with a temptingly low price tag. This system also landed on our doorstep shortly after we finished playing with the superb HB354BS one-box Blu-ray package, so understandably our hopes are high.

LG systems usually have dashing good looks, too, and the HT32S is no exception. For the centrepiece DVD/receiver console, LG has come up with yet another distinctive design concept – the curvy table-top unit features a sloping top section and a deep black finish with gentle blue highlights. Stunning.

But the best bit is the bank of touch-sensitive playback controls on top, emphasised by soft white lighting. The circle in the middle cleverly lets you control the volume by whizzing your finger round inside it. Also embedded into the top is a display that provides a decent amount of information, but because it faces upwards it may be hard to read from a distance. The disc slot is located on the front of the unit.

If you want to channel your other kit through the system, then the analogue and optical digital inputs enable you to do so. Elsewhere, you’ll find an HDMI output (which can output upscaled 1080p, 1080i and 720p pictures), component and composite outputs and an FM radio antenna input. The three pairs of spring-clip speaker terminals prevent you from upgrading to 5.1, and the lack of HDMI inputs is also a pity. On the side are two more connections – a USB port for playing media from flash memory drives and a 3.5mm minijack input for listening to MP3 players.

The supplied front speakers are the same ones you get with the HB354BS, and are pretty as a picture. Their oval shape and glossy black finish complements the main unit beautifully, and each one sports a silver horseshoe stand, which look great but aren’t very stable (pun intended).

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