HTC Touch 3G



Key Features

  • Review Price: £329.99

HTC’s Touch franchise seems to be expanding at a rate only matched by Subways. The Touch 3G brings the total number of handsets in its current range to nine. So what does the 3G add to the fold? No stars for guessing that it supports HSDPA, but there’s also onboard GPS and perhaps most importantly a fairly affordable price tag, as the 3G sits neatly between the cheapo Touch Viva and the wallet bashing Touch HD.

In many ways the 3G can be seen as a direct update of the original Touch phone that HTC launched way back in June 2007. Like that model, its petite dimensions make it very pocket-friendly – much more so than the larger Touch HD and even Apple’s iPhone. Although the 3G’s body is made from plastic, HTC has given it a great looking metallic finish and this combined with its sleek, curved edges make it very appealing to the eye. The fact it’s available in multiple colours including brown, gold and blue, is also a refreshing change from the usual ‘any colour as long as it’s black’ smartphone rule.

Thankfully, the screen on the 3G is flush with the case so it doesn’t suffer from the same 90s smartphone look of the cheaper Viva. Nevertheless, the screen is rather small for a smartphones in this price range. It’s narrower and about an inch shorter than the display on Apple’s iPhone, for example, and at 320 x 240 its resolution is also lower than Apple’s wonder phone. That said, the smaller physical size of the screen means that text and graphics still look very crisp and sharp, so it’s only really when you’re viewing webpages or work documents that the lack of screen real estate makes its presence felt.