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ChuChu Rocket! first appeared on the Sega Dreamcast way back in 1999. Its was a big hit on that platform, but unfortunately very few people actually bought the underrated consoles, and the game’s popularity never spread beyond its core following of Dreamcast users.
ChuChu Rocket! review
Now, however, the title is getting a new lease of life with a slew of versions for different smartphones, including Android devices. It’ a puzzle game where you have to guide lots of little mice towards a space rocket before they’re either caught by cats or the time limit runs out. It sounds simple enough, but the game quickly becomes devilishly difficult, especially as it’s played out at break-neck speed. ChuChu Rocket! always remains hugely fun to play, though.


It has simple graphics, but the speedy game play and taxing puzzle element make Chuchu Rocket! lots of fun to play.

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