Blood & Glory Android Game


There’s little to separate Blood & Glory from Infinity Blade on the iPhone and iPad in gameplay terms. Both use the same swipe to hack and slash approach, and inlcude a few defensive moves, such as blocks and dodges. However, the setting is very different, as here you’re fighting in the gladiatorial arenas of ancient Rome, taking on a range of heavily armoured and, quite frankly, scary foes.
Blood & Glory review
The graphics looked really impressive on the Samsung W that we played it on and the controls are pretty responsive, leading to fast and fun gaming. There’s no upfront charge for the game, but you’re encourage to make in-game purchases to upgrade weapons and the like. If you don’t, you’ll soon find that it’s nigh on impossible to defeat certain enemies.


It lacks the slick and polished feel of Infinity Blade, but Blood & Glory is still fun to play, especially as it’s such a looker.

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