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Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City - A successful operation?

By Stuart Andrews



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Operation Raccoon City should also have been better paced. The approach most of the time is to thoughtlessly spam you with enemies, none of whom show any real sign of strategy or nous. What big set pieces there are are clumsily handled, with awkward breaks in the action to announce the next big ‘shock’ moment. At times it’s hard to put your finger on why, but Operation Raccoon City simply doesn’t hold together. Put it against a Gears of War or a Vanquish and it’s practically laughable. Heck, even Army of Two or Kane and Lynch: Dog Days do things better. And if you want specifically to play a co-op game where you get to kill zombies, well Left4Dead is so much better that you wonder why Slant Six didn’t effectively clone it wholesale with a Resident Evil skin.

Operation Raccoon City

The game isn't completely without merit. The graphics look nice enough, bringing classic RE locations and monsters to glorious HD life, and there is one interesting mechanic. In most of the game you’ll find yourself up against zombies and Spec-Ops forces simultaneously, and by wounding the latter you can cause the former to go bonkers, descending on your hapless victims in a blood-lust rage.

Operation Raccoon City

Some recompense also arrives in the form of a semi-decent Versus multiplayer mode, pitching Wolfpack against an equivalent SpecOps force in a selection of team-based game modes, the best of which involves both teams running for the same helicopter in the hope of extraction. These are fun enough, but really nothing to write home about. Matchmaking is slow and arduous and each match takes an age to kick off. It’s OK, and having mutants and zombies on the field to complicate things adds a little to the action, but it’s certainly not worth purchasing the game for.

Operation Raccoon City

The saddest thing about playing Operation Raccoon City is that you can see the germs of some good ideas, and in its own flawed way it does its best to serve the fans. However, think of other horror-themed, co-op focussed shooters, particularly Left 4 Dead, The Darkness II and the sadly under appreciated FEAR3, and it’s clear that Operation Raccoon City doesn’t have the quality, the ideas or the execution to measure up. It’s a black mark on a series that’s still, to some extent, struggling to regain the form of its glory years.


Arguably the most disappointing Resident Evil ever made; a mediocre third-person shooter with shoddy AI and poor level design that does nothing to stand out in a crowded market. It’s a better game in competitive multiplayer than co-op, and RE fans will enjoy the chance to revisit old locations and see old friends (and fiends). Yet while the premise is smart and some isolated mechanics entertaining, the experience as a whole falls sadly flat.

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April 29, 2012, 9:08 am

this game is not good. a total let down. i am a big resident evil fan played it from res evil 1 on the playstation. and this game feels like im playing a playstation one game the AI is rubbish your team run into the enemy into fires and don run from grenades and also get in your way all the time. i just hope they go back to the same thing as resident evil 5 that was awesome. i paid £40 for this s**t game. do not buy if your a res evil fan you will be let down. thanks capcom for ruining a grate line of games


June 9, 2014, 8:33 am

Excuse me. Am I the only one who has realized, how extremely inaccurate these otherwise nostalgic Racoon City are from the actual, original scenarios in the first games and fails to rebuild the experience? I'll focus on the R.P.D. Police Station here.

Both the outside and interior are a mess-up, they have completely removed street ends, passages, and corridors that were part of it. The chief's office is now located just one door to the right, when you enter from the rooftop, whereas earlier it was located beyond several corridors, the safe room just before the hall is all empty, and I noticed how they have swapped and cut off various hallways that used to be around it.

And moreover. By the encounter with Leon and Claire, their car crash with the zombie-driven truck, occurs just a little walk down the street, beside the police station. In the real scenario, they crashed and parted ways numerous blocks and several closed streets and corners away from the R.P.D. This is just outright awefully done.

The makers of this game didn't even care to look into the overall MAP of the areas, let alone the details of it.
RE Outbreak did a much better job of reliving Racoon City than this crap.

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