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Plantronics BackBeat 903+ - Battery Life and Audio Quality

Niall Magennis

By Niall Magennis



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The headset is charged via its micro-USB port and Plantronics includes a power adaptor in the box. The BackBeat takes around three hours to charge and once it’s full of juice Plantronics says it’s good for about seven hours of music listening or talk time. In our experience, we tended to get between six and seven hours out of it, so this figure seems pretty accurate.

When you hook the headphones up to an iPhone, you’ll see a small indicator at the top of the screen next to the iPhone’s normal battery icon. Alternatively, you can check the battery level by tapping the power button once. The headphones will then announce through the earpieces how much listening time is remaining. The BackBeat will also beep three times once battery life gets down to the ten-minute mark to give you a chance to recharge it before it runs out of juice.

As well as the A2DP profile for stereo audio over Bluetooth, it also supports the AVRCP profile so you can use the controls to navigate through your music tracks. However, earlier iPhones using iOS versions prior to 4.1 don’t fully support AVRCP, so only the play/pause button will work on these models.

No stereo Bluetooth headset is perfect when it comes to audio quality. The A2DP profile that’s used for transmitting audio over Bluetooth only has 768kbit/s of bandwidth to play with, so audio has to be compressed before it is sent down this link. Unfortunately, the compression tends to drop a lot of bass and causes higher frequencies to sound a bit raspy.

As mentioned before, you can partly get around the lack of bass by using the headset’s Bass Boost function, but the raspiness remains on higher frequency sounds like hi-hats and cymbals. Despite this, the BackBeat remains one of the better sounding stereo Bluetooth headsets we’ve had in for review and while it doesn’t exactly deliver high-end hi-fi audio quality, it does its best to make your music sound as good as possible under the circumstances.

Of course, as well as music playback you can also use the headset to make calls. Like most of Plantronics headsets it has dual microphones and uses the company’ AudioIQ2 DSP processing for noise cancellation. Call quality was generally good, although as with most headsets, callers reported that the audio from the mic can sound a little echo-y from time to time.


The design of the BackBeat 903+ means this headset won’t appeal to everyone and we do think the lack of multipoint support is disappointing. However, it is relatively comfortable to wear, produces decent audio quality and works well as a headset for making calls with your mobile phone. Given its relatively low price tag, we think its well worth checking out if you’re looking for a stereo headset to use with your smartphone.

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June 27, 2013, 11:59 pm

Dont buy this head set if you are somone who doesn't like to change your gadgets everyweekend... No doubt everyfunction and comfort level is outstanding but for max 2 months- I guess that is its lifespan... I have a 2nd replaced headset and again I am facing the same problem... Why would I own a Bluetooth head set when it switches off while moving my head or turning my head??? I thought the 1st one was a defected piece but the new one is facing the same problem too...


June 2, 2014, 6:48 am

I bought the set 3 days ago and I am facing the same issue. The bluetooth is not really wireless, the music stops if I am keeping the phone more than 30cm away from the headset. The only way I can use them is to keep the phone on my shirt's pocket but never turn your head to the left ;)) Maybe it is a feature, that every time you cross the street and you turn your head to the left, to see if any car is coming, the music also stops so you can even hear that there is no danger and it's safe to cross :)) Very very disappointed, hopefully I can return them and I will be refunded. I tried it with 2 phone (S2 and IPhone 5s) and with an iPAD3. Same results, so clearly Plantronic's issue.


July 16, 2014, 2:20 pm

I don't have experienced such issue. It works even if I'm 5 meters away from my phone.

I don't like the earbuds not closing the ear, so that all the exernal noise is fully audible, which is a problem if you are in the subway, for instance.

Second issue is that even if it connects with PS3 and passes the tests it won't be used at all by the system as an headset, no matter how you configure the game and the PS3.

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