Philips Brilliance 220X1 - 22in Lightframe Monitor specs

Ardjuna Seghers

By Ardjuna Seghers


Quick Glance
Screen Size (inches) 22 in
Response Time 5 ms
Screen Size (inches) 22 in
Aspect Ratio 16:10
Response Time 5 ms
Brightness 300 cd/m?
Dot Pitch 0.282 mm
Horizontal Viewing Angles 160?
Vertical Viewing Angles 160?


April 6, 2010, 2:10 pm

I did this and it's pretty cool: I actually used tape to fix the lamp to the back of one of my displays. :P

Sullivan McIntyre

April 6, 2010, 4:39 pm

morsch, I was just about to post exactly the same link! I also have a cheap daylight bulb behind my Samsung T240 as a bias light, it is brilliant and I feel it's really helping to reduce eye-strain.

I think TR should capitalise on this idea and do a guide soon; I'd link to it!


April 6, 2010, 7:16 pm

Pointless bling.


April 7, 2010, 6:28 am

I wouldn't call it a gimmick, it's made me think about getting a small light behind my monitor to reduce eye strain. But I do think that paying a premium will put many people off.

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