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Pentax WG-1 - Sample Images: ISO Performance

Audley Jarvis

By Audley Jarvis



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Pentax WG-1

The ISO test scene in full

Pentax WG-1 iso 80

At ISO 80 there is actually a touch more noise than there is at ISO 100

Pentax WG-1 iso 100

At ISO 100 the image looks clean and sharp at 100%

Pentax WG-1 iso 200

While at ISO 200 there is little noticeable difference

Pentax WG-1 iso 400

By ISO 400, however, there is some noise creeping into the image

Pentax WG-1 iso 800

By ISO 800 noise has become more pronounced with a sharp drop in detail

Pentax WG-1 iso 1600#

By ISO 1600 the image is fuzzy and soft

Pentax WG-1 iso 3200

ISO 3200 is an expanded 5MP setting that yields fairly poor results

Pentax WG-1 iso 6400

ISO 6400 - use it only if you really must...

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