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Your UK driving licence could soon live on your iPhone


Image credit: Oliver Morley (Twitter)

The DVLR has prototyped a solution that could allow the UK driving licence to live inside the Apple Passbook app.

In a pair of tweets on Friday morning, DVLR CEO Oliver Morley revealed a licence within the digital wallet app where users' credit cards, store cards and event tickets are housed.

Morley says there is no timeline on when the prototype could come to fruition and says it’ll be an addition to the physical photo card, not a replacement.

Morley says the integration with smartphones is possible because the paper licence counterpart has now been abolished.

Having a digital version of the card would be a godsend in instances where a licence may have been lost or left at home.

It would also be handy in instances where folks need to be able to show a form of identification and do not have their licences with them.


May 14, 2016, 5:45 pm

I hope they can get a move on with this.
If there are any problems for Android, let Samsung develop it utilising Knox.
Though reviewers will still call it 'bloatware'.


May 18, 2016, 11:24 pm

Oh yeah. Let's have innovation, but every manufacturer must stick to the same "pure" Android. I never understood how the reviewers squared that, nor why they eulogise every Touchwiz "bloatware" feature, just as soon as it is adopted by stock Android!

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