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Xbox One backwards compatibility confirmed by Microsoft

Michael Sawh


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Microsoft has officially confirmed that it's bringing backwards compatibility to the Xbox One and it'll be free to use

In a clear swipe at Sony and its PlayStation Now service, Microsoft's Phil Spencer has revealed that you'll be able to play Xbox 360 games on the Xbox One.

Announced at the company's E3 2015 press conference, you'll be able to play Xbox 360 online games and disc games via a download.

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There'll be 100 games initially available with Microsoft confirming that it has plans to add another 100 titles at a later date. EA has confirmed it's adding games from its back catalogue, while Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas and Vegas 2 will be among the first Xbox 360 games to get the backwards compatibility treatment.

Unlike PlayStation Now on the PS4, the catalogue of games will be free and will support many of the console's features like the ability to take screenshots during a game using Kinect.

Xbox One backwards compatibility will be available now for Xbox Preview members with a small selection of games and will roll out for the Holidays, which means it'll arrive before the end of the year.


June 15, 2015, 11:56 pm

Hey Faisal, I doubt MS want you to buy an Xbone specifically to run old games. And judging by your console of choice and irritation I doubt you would, right? I know, I'm just that perceptive!
Anyhoo...There's no downside here. So why the rant, I don't understand at all? There's a faint wiff of Sony fanboyism to your histrionics.
Backwards compatability adds another layer of functionality to a 'current Gen' console. I'm happy it's coming, it's good news :-D


June 15, 2015, 11:58 pm

I have lots of 360 game's and you're saying if I buy a xbox one I should keep my old 360 setup as well as the xbox one just to play my old 360 games? get a life or crawl back under the rock you been for the past 2 years, bloody trolls

Alex Walsh

June 16, 2015, 6:55 am

Shame it isn't "proper" backwards compatibility, just a select few games. I know 100 seems like a lot, and another 100 makes it even more but I'm sure that every time I go to pop a disc in, it'll be one of the majority that's unsupported :/


June 16, 2015, 10:14 am

ooh I can feel the anger hehehe. MSFT made a boo boo and big one at that.

They knew they should of made this available at the beginning and I suspect their reasoning was why go back to play older Gen Games when we are going forward and that is the catch 22 logic. I guess it also shows the Next Gen console is not as Next Gen as we all know it should of been!!!

Personally I think they should of let it be than resurrect a world of anger.

People made a conscious decision when purchasing the Xbox 1 knowing it was not going to be backwards compatible now 2 yrs on they start to release games that are...Tut tut...MSFT just do not get it that these are not imaginary people that live in the real world. They are real people and chopping n changing going back on your "we cant do this" unfortunately breeds distrust and hatred. Many hard working people save to purchase your console and have to sell their old ones hoping to put the money to your very much more expensive Xbox 1...

Enough said.


June 16, 2015, 3:28 pm

Come on Sony,give us PS2 and PS3 backwards compatibility on the PS4!

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