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Xbox app to be available through January Windows 10 preview

Sam Loveridge


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Microsoft will offer early access to the Xbox app through the January Windows 10 preview.

The Xbox app, Microsoft’s first step in making Windows 10 and Xbox One a more cross-platform experience, will be available to preview this month.

Microsoft will include a preview release of the Xbox app as part of the January build of the Windows 10 Technical Preview.

“In 2015, the Xbox team will be working hard to deliver a first-class gaming experience on Windows 10, just as we have on consoles,” said Microsoft in a statement. “As with Xbox One, we want you, our fans, to help shape the Xbox on Windows product and experiences. Our plans are to ship regular Xbox app releases that deliver new functionality by making changes based on your feedback.”

With the initial preview release of the Xbox app, the team has focused on ‘the basics’, including supporting high resolution desktop monitors, keyboard and mouse input, and will continue to add new functionality until we finally ship the Xbox on Windows application and experiences later this year.”

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The brand new Xbox app is split into distinct columns: My Games, Friends List and the Activity Feed.

The My Games section shows you all the games you are currently playing on your Windows devices, whether that’s PC, Xbox One or Windows Phone.

Then the Friends List lets you connect with your Xbox Live friends whenever you need. While the all-important Activity Feed lets you see all your pals’ activities, add commentary, get at your achievements list or DVR clips.

In the future, the Xbox app will let you record and save gameplay clips from your Windows PC games. Hitting Windows + G will launch a new UI for gameplay clip recording with buttons for recording, taking screenshots, checking your settings and even capturing the last 30 seconds of gameplay.

The Xbox app will arrive in full later this year with the consumer Windows 10 release.


January 27, 2015, 7:02 am

I like the idea or concept of what Xbox / MS are looking to achieve, I just hope that this is not trying to make windows 10 into casual OS.
What I mean is that the windows OS is also meant for other uses other than just playing and connecting with gaming people and it is not heavily focused on recreational activities too much or a bit like a reversal issue of this would be how the Xbox integrates as a media centre through your TV which lacks more focus on the gaming.
So far a lot of detail from MS has been about the Xbox interaction and not hardly anything about the core windows 10 OS. Maybe this is because the investment on return for profits Xbox has made has been shockingly poor for MS, hence the promotion of Xbox on 10 being a big focus to keep shareholder confidence - well maybe!

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