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Watch Google’s Project Wing drone in action



Video of Google’s Project Wing delivery drone has surfaced online.

Aaref Hilaly of Sequoia Capital posted a video on Twitter showing a drone dropping off a package before flying off.

He also noted in the post that the Google X team behind the project are claiming the drone is able to travel five miles in five minutes.

Last year Google announced it had been working on the project, which rivals Amazon’s own delivery drone initiative, for two years.

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The company envisioned that the drones, although capable of delivering products to consumers, could be used in disaster relief efforts to provide supplies to those in need.

Project Wing drones were initially said to have a wingspan of five feet and include electrically-driven propellers, an on-board GPS, cameras, and radios.

The drones also feature an inertial measurement sensor to help them determine their position and can take off vertically, like a helicopter, then flatten out like an aeroplane for the journey.

Google says that they will eventually be controlled by both the on-board computer and people.

The project looks to be coming along well if the video is any indication. Still, with authorities in the US becoming increasingly interested in regulating drone usage there may be several hurdles ahead for the Google X team.

We’d also like to see how the delivery drone fairs against the Drone Defender.

Throw Stones At Drones

October 21, 2015, 4:11 am

"...The drones would likely be used for disaster relief to delivery supplies to people in need..."

This was a comment from a Google rep.

It would seem the words 'drone delivery', when used by Amazon (and now Google) in their media PR releases, now means 'disaster relief, and has nothing whatsoever to do with pizza and cola deliveries.

No, nothing at all.

Drone delivery = disaster relief.

This mantra will be repeated until their drone delivery services are underway,
then quietly dropped

I have no issue with responsible drone operators, be it commercial or private hobbyists.

But...I do have an issue with delivery drones.

Amazon and Co have carved up our skies into layers to suit its hideous delivery

Just wait till these loud, annoying, invasive, visually scarring robots are
screeching over our homes and beautiful areas to deliver pizza and cola.

Because money.

And, guess who is going to be on the committee deciding on the regs for drone

Yup, Amazon and Co!

A rock is the answer to this corporate takeover, thrown with accuracy and

Please visit my facebook page, Throw Stones at Drones.

(hint: if you're a drone hobbyist, don't take it too seriously...)


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