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Uber envisions a future where it is baked into every app



Ride-sharing service Uber is spreading like wildfire and, as if invading cities around the world wasn’t enough, the company now wants a presence within our mobile apps.

The company is asking app developers to register in order to build an Uber button into their application.

Devs can log into the Uber app and enter their details in the dashboard to receive a line of code allowing users to directly request a driver (via The Verge).

We’ve already seen Uber integration into some services such as Cortana on Windows 10. The company has also permeated apps such as Google Maps, with Uber showing up as an option when users search for directions.

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The possibilities for the pitched Uber button are interesting. Maybe an Uber button within Tinder would help love-seekers make a swift exit if the date doesn’t match the profile?

Perhaps Transport for London would benefit most? It’d sure save capital-dwellers a couple of screen taps whenever their commute is ruined.

Which apps would you like to see adopt Uber? Share your thoughts below.


December 3, 2015, 1:05 am

Grand theft auto. ;-)


December 3, 2015, 8:41 pm


Barry Wilson

December 5, 2015, 4:45 am

Hey Mr. Smith, I often go to trusted reviews. But your article is missing at least one fact
Uber is not a ridesharing service. Please explain where the sharing takes place? You are picked up delivered to your destination and then pay. That is called a Taxi or a ride hailing app would be correct.

Uber spreading like wildfire is a good analogy. Wildfire comes unbidden, destroys things in it's path and the authorities have trouble getting rid of it.
The destroy things is a bit much. tramples on laws in what uber does.

If Uber behaves the way it does across the world. If it wants to be in someones app. It will hack it and insert itself there without permission or following the law,
Be more accurate please
All the best

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