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The Sims 4 world and neighbourhood gameplay details revealed

Sam Loveridge


The Sims 4

Maxis has revealed a host of new information about The Sims 4 neighbourhoods, world and other gameplay details.

Ahead of The Sims 4 release date on September 2, Maxis has offered some fresh new details on the game, including how many loading screens you can expect when traversing the game’s new worlds.

Inspired by New Orleans, Willow Creek is the first confirmed world for The Sims 4 and is split into six neighbourhoods.

Only one of these neighbourhoods can be active at one time, rather than it being one giant open world like The Sims 3. Neighbourhoods can have up to 5 lots within them, but only one can be actively loaded at once.

Within the neighbourhoods, you will have access to Public Spaces, which are open areas of the neighbourhoods not counted as a lot. These will be fully loaded at all times and your Sims and NPCs will be able to roam in the freely.

As for loading screens, you’ll notice that these are typically under 30 seconds long, which is shorter than that seen in The Sims 3. You’ll see them when moving from world to world, between neighbours, between Sims in different lots and when switching from a public space to an inactive lot.

However, apparently there won’t be a loading screen when moving from a public space to an active lot.

What’s interesting is that Maxis states you will be able to send Sims out into the world, and either follow them or control them using “away actions”. These will let you “choose other specific Sims for them to socialise with, you can build specific skills, can sleep, can have them maintain their needs… things like careers have their own set of away actions that are more relevant to their work”.

Aging is a bit more customisable in The Sims 4 too. You will have the option to just have your family age, while the rest of the NPC world ages, or have everyone aging at the same time. You could also choose to have your family age and everyone else doing the Peter Pan thing.

However, there is one special thing you’ll need to keep an eye on though, in that you’ll need to try for a baby if you want families to remain active. Otherwise you’ll see NPC characters moving into their home and the old family dying out.

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Via: Sims VIP


July 4, 2014, 10:36 pm

Apart from create a sim and moods, everything else we've been told about Sims 4 seems like its a big step down from the Sims 3... Disappointing

UK Player

July 5, 2014, 4:01 pm

Missing stuff from The Sims 3/4 Forum:

-No Create-A-Style [Confirmed cannot be added back later]
-No Colour Wheel [Confirmed cannot be added back later]
-No Swimming Pools
-No swimming in the sea/rivers, etc.
-No swimwear
-No Toddlers age stage
-No skin tone slider
-No opacity slider for makeup
-No shopping (Clothes, groceries, etc.)
-No Favourites (food, music, and color)
-No Left handed or right handed sims
-No Dinner proposals
-No Hireable gardeners
-No WooHoo Skill
-No Tragic clown
-No Hot tubs
-No Social bunny
-No Private schools
-No Adoption though townies and NPCs
-No Random deaths
-No Basements
-No Sitting on the arms of chairs, couches etc.
-No 64bit version of the game
-No Storey Progression other than aging, dying and move in/out
-No Rabbit-holes [No Work, Schools, Shops - Sims just vanish from Lot]
-No Trams (They are decor only)
-No Steamboats (They are decor only)
-No Garages
-No Bicycles
-Maximum Lot size now limited to just 50x50
-Loading Screens for Worlds
-Loading Screens Districts
-Loading Screens for individual Lots/Families
-Only 5 Hoods per World
-Only 1 to 5 lots per Hoods
-So only 9 to 21 lots per World (Most likely 14)
-Only 1 World supplied in Base Game
-All buildings on a Lot get the same foundation (no choice)
-Buildings can only have 3 floors (plus a foundation and a roof)
-Teens, Young Adults, Adults and Elders are all the same height.
-Hair isn't as realistic as TS3
-Textures are blurry and lack bump mapping
-Lots of so called new features are already in The Sims 3
Multi-tasking Sims (The Sims 3 can read and relax in bed, watch TV while chatting, chat in groups, etc)
Emotional moods (currently in the form of Moodlets in The Sims 3)

Unconfirmed but believed to be true
-No terrain sculpting
-No user creatable ponds
-No split-level homes
-No Cars (They are decor only)
-No Ghosts or any other Supernatural creatures


July 6, 2014, 7:15 am

Sounds good to me. I usually play a single sim so it won't bother me that much.

Steve Lambert

July 8, 2014, 4:04 pm

Coming December 2014:
Sims 4 "Basic Functionality" Pack £24.99
Sims 4 "Fun Things That Were in Sims 3" Pack £24.99
Sims 4 "Make Furniture Red" Pack £12.54
Sims 4 "Make Furniture Blue" Pack £15.32
Sims 4 "Oxygen For Your Sims" Pack £34.76


July 13, 2014, 3:51 am

The Sims 3 sucked and was hollow compared to the Sims 2. The Sims 4 is getting rid of the things that made it harder for reality situations or caused bugs/crashes in the game. If you need that color wheel so bad stick with The Sims 3. If I need to load into a lot so I can actually play the lot, I'm a happy camper. The Sims didn't have toddlers and it was the game that launched the series. The Sims 2 didn't have Young Adult Sims when the game launched and that game was epic. I can wait for toddlers and pools. That was an age stage I hate with all fussy crying. Also I almost never used the beautiful pools that were with my houses. The other things I see on the complaint list can be added with a mod. The funny thing is I am almost certain that most of the people complaining will be logging in on release day or shortly after. lol.

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