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Samsung working on a smartwatch that doesn't need a phone?


Samsung smartwatch

According to The Wall Street Journal, Samsung is aiming to produce a smartwatch with built in mobile phone, to remove the need to pair with a phone at all.

The watch will, apparently, run Samsung's new Tizen OS, which has just started to turn up on the company's range of new watches for 2014. The original Galaxy Gear ran a heavily customised version of Android, and there are rumours an update will be released that will switch that watch to Tizen at some point soon too.

According the article, the watch would be capable of sending and receiving data on its own, without the need to be tied to a phone. Indeed, it would also be able to make calls, suggesting that this is a return to the fully-integrated phone watch that surface a few years ago, notably LG's version, which cost a large amount of money and didn't sell well.

But the idea is a good one, at the very least it would allow Samsung to make a watch that wasn't reliant on one of its own devices to operate. That would open it up to more users who might not want to change their phone, or who might be mid-way through an existing contract. The question is, of course, about affordability. Any cellular-enabled device has a high purchase cost, and ongoing billing too. This might put many people off.

Perhaps most interesting of all though, is that Samsung isn't giving up on smartwatches. It's already the leader in the field, and this news suggests that it intends to be the name for these devices from now on.

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Via: The WSJ


May 24, 2014, 8:55 am

Top stuff .I got the original gear and it's had some updates got good apps to download. It's in my opinion better looking than the gear 2 because off the stainless steel .would off been nice if the strap matched but don't matter super looking gadget. The downside is the video no point in 15 secs off vid silly but camera is ok . There's one app on there that's a total winner and thats the watch design app . You can basically have any pic as a design on front off watch so you can put a top record label on it or armani logo anything . And design how you want digital or hands and date and all other components to make it look ok or great if your good at design . I'm a d.j and been a turntablist since young age and the biggest brand is thud rumble anything with there name on add 300 pounds if you get the point. Here's a fav record label called playaz there logo .quick design and sets you apart. Had so many people asking weir they can get a playaz watch . Lol

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