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Porting iOS games to Windows 10 is actually pretty easy



Popular games for iPhone and iPad can be ported to the Windows 10 platform in just five minutes using Microsoft’s own tools.

In a post on his blog (via WMPoweruser) developer David Burela was able to move the popular endless runner game Canabalt using Project Islandwood.

Using the source code posted by the game’s developers on GitHub, Buerla was able to open the files in Windows Visual Studio and build them for fast playback in Windows 10.

Project Islandwood is a bridge tool that allows apps from all manner of platforms for use in Windows 10. The iOS bridge can be downloaded from the Windows 10 website.

Of course consumers will only be able to do this for games and apps where the source code has been made readily available.

However, it just goes to show how easy it could be for developers to convert their own games to Windows 10, if they so desired.

You can check out David Burela’s method in the video below.

Which of the hundreds of thousands of iOS games would you like to see converted for the desktop? Share your thoughts in the comments section.


February 11, 2016, 9:42 am

I hope Microsoft find a way to convince app devs to use this tool and release on the Windows platform. It'll help Windows OS and phone to have access to these apps, and imagine the benefit of having all your apps on your PC and phone, all in sync. That'd be so useful in so many ways.

If I were an app dev I'd definitely be releasing a Windows Store version, particularly if the app were as easy to port as suggested above. Being on what is currently such a baron marketplace gives a lot of exposure and less competition.
Here's hoping!

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