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MWC 2016 Highlights: 8 best things we saw in Barcelona this week



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There are products we want as soon as we see them. Whether it’s a unique ability or exceptional design they make us calculate whether the security guards can catch us if we make a run with one under our coats. Not that we’d ever do such a thing of course. Still MWC 2016 was full of temptation.

It all started with an almighty bang and one of the most innovative smartphones we’ve seen in ages.

It only seems right, then, that we should begin our MWC awards with LG.

LG G5 – Leading the way with innovation

LG G5 5Not only does it look sleek and feel like a high-quality phone it also has some incredible features. The 135-degree wide-angle camera is cool enough, but it’s the modular design that really excites. Pop the bottom off, snap the battery out and replace it with another module to give your phone new features and functions. Only Andy doesn't agree, but he's grumpy.

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – The most desirable phone ever

samsung galaxy s7 edgeThis is a tale of redemption. Of a beautiful and proud, flagship, phone that sinned in the eyes of Android aficionados by forgoing a microSD card slot. The S7 Edge fixes this and so much more. It’s even prettier than before, more comfortable thanks to a curved back and on top of it all is water-resistant. This is undoubtedly the most desirable phone launched at MWC 2016.

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Cat S60 – The heat seaking smartphone

cat s60 mainCaterpillar might be known for its giant digging machines and tan boots, but it also makes phones. Tough phones to be precise. This isn’t a smartphone you’ll want to take with you on a night out, well not unless your nights out are that messy. It’s a phone designed to last in extreme conditions, be dropped with impunity and withstand a deluge. It also has a unique feature – a thermal-imaging camera on the back. This is a phone that could save lives in fires as well as saving pennies by detecting heat loss.

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Huawei MateBook – A classy Surface alternative

matebook 11

The hybrid market is a tricky one, but Huawei appears to have done a lot right with the great-looking Windows 10 MateBook. Powered by Intel Core M, it’s a thin and light tablet that comes with a smart-keyboard and pressure-sensitive stylus. There’s also a handy dock that provides HDMI output and a bunch of USB connectivity.

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BQ Aquaris M10 Ubuntu Edition – An innovative take on a tablet OS

BQ Aquaris M10 Ubuntu EditionUbuntu may not be a household name, but the desktop version built by Canonical is many Linux fans’ OS of choice.

It unveiled the BQ Aquaris M10 Ubuntu Edition tablet. The tablet’s hardware may be a little basic, but its software is cutting edge.

The OS offers a wealth of advanced features including true multitasking, the ability to display two apps onscreen at once and innovative and reworked UI that intelligently pushes relevant information to its user.

What’s more, if you plug the M10 into a monitor it becomes a desktop PC running the full desktop version of Ubuntu.

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ZTE Spro Plus – A tablet and projector in one

ZTE Spro Plus Smart ProjectorNo, this isn’t ZTE’s attempt to keep you awake while you study. The Spro Plus is the fattest Android tablet you’ve ever seen. Only it’s not. It’s actually a portable smart projector that can output an incredibly bright 500 lumens and comes with some decent audio chops thanks to dual JBL 4W speakers. It also uses lasers instead of traditional bulbs too, which just makes it even cooler.

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LG Rolling Bot – This year's must-have Christmas gadget

LG G5 101The cutest product of MWC goes to LG’s Rolling Bot. Comparisons with BB-8 are obvious and while it can’t give you a flamey thumbs-up it can monitor your home thanks to an inbuilt camera. It can also control your appliances via IR, give Spot or Fluffy a workout while you’re at work courtesy of a laser pointer and make its way back to its dock for recharging.

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Sony Xperia Agent – A concept we love

Xperia AgentThe Xperia Agent is a nifty bit of experimental tech from Japanese powerhouse Sony. It aims to offer similar, but more advanced services to the Amazon Echo.

The product is still in its prototype stage, but Sony says the Agent is a personalised assistant that will respond to both voice and gestures.

The Agent’s exact functionality remain unclear but a Sony representative at MWC indicated it would be able to help with dictating emails, to controlling smart home appliances. It also has a built in camera and projector that presumably will offer advanced video calling and entertainment features.

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Which other product should have won an award? Let us know in the comments below.

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