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Microsoft files patent for Kinect Glasses

Sam Loveridge


Kinect Glasses
Kinect Glasses patent

Microsoft has filed a patent for a head-mounted display (HMD) reportedly called Kinect Glasses, which will be a multiplayer gaming device.

Capable of recognising voice controls and gestures, the Kinect Glasses are said to include eye scanning technology, microphones, gyroscopes, accelerometers and OLED display to determine the view and positioning of the wearer.

The patent was originally filed by Microsoft on January 30 2012, but has only just been made public. Entitled “multiplayer gaming with head-mounted display”, the patent states the HMD could be capable of recognising the player wearing it and the gestures they make.

“A system and related methods for inviting a potential player to participate in a multiplayer game via a user head-mounted display device,” the patent reads. “In one example, a potential player invitation program receives user voice data and determines that the user voice data is an invitation to participate in a multiplayer game.”

The Kinect Glasses may include partially transparent or completely transparent OLED displays that sit in front of the gamer’s eyes.

“The program receives eye-tracking information, depth information, facial recognition information, and/or potential player voice data.”

Seemingly very conscious of player privacy and data protection, the patent repeatedly refers to user consent for any information the Kinect Glasses gather.

“Provided the user has consented to the acquisition and use of this information, the eye-tracking system may use this information to track the position and/or movement of the user’s eyes. The eye-tracking system may then determine where, and/or at what person or object the user is looking.”

Containing similar technology to the Oculus Rift, the Kinect Glasses could potentially include three accelerometers and three gyroscopes. The Kinect Glasses may also be able to detect who is wearing them by scanning their retina, with their consent of course.

Voice controls are also a huge part of the patent, similar to the new Xbox One Kinect, with gestures recognised as well.

“The HMD device may also include an optical sensor system that utilises at least one outward-facing sensor, such as an optical sensor. Outward-facing sensor may detect movements within its field of view, such as gesture-based inputs or other movements performed by a user.”

The Kinect Glasses will also allow gamers to exchange personal information, including Xbox Live gamer tags and achievement scores.

This new multiplayer gaming peripheral may well be released at some point for the Xbox One, so stay tuned for any more information.

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Via: Gamespot


August 2, 2013, 10:17 pm

First the 3D television gimmick and now another round of VR, another gimmick that pops up every few years. Basically these idiots aren't going to be happy until they find some way to strap a pair of glasses to my face. Once successful, I'm sure they'll add a new "feature" that blocks your entire field of view with messages from their advertising partners.

Kam Williams

August 5, 2013, 12:42 am

dude shutup...a mech game with 3d controls that you can reach out and interact with would be awesome! and since you aren't creating anything cool period, how about you stfu ok? thanks a bunch.

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