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Details of LG's V30 are leaking already



The LG V20 has only just gone on sale in the US and Australia, but details about the next handset in the series are already starting to leak online, according to tipsters.

Evan Blass, well-known for leaking accurate information about smartphones ahead of release, tweeted yesterday that he's already received renders of the LG V30, which if it follows the same annual update cadence wouldn't be due for release until this time next year.

While he was short on specifics at this stage, he did send a pretty clear indication that there probably won't be a secondary display ticker on the V30.

Removing it would be another step towards making the device more of a 'regular' handset - the V20 has two displays and three cameras, which makes it one of the more distinctive phones available, even if not in looks exactly. The predecessor to the V20, the V10, also had a secondary display ticker.

Although some argue that the ticker is more gimmick than truly useful, the theory behind its inclusion is solid, as it displays notifications and app shortcuts when the screen is off, thereby allowing you avoid unlocking the phone and saving your battery. Unfortunately, it adds its own battery overhead too, which could well be why LG's decided it's just not quite useful enough. Or indeed, perhaps Blass is wrong on this occassion.

We've contacted LG to find out if it wants to settle the matter one way or the other, but don't hold your breath for confirmation this early on.

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Do you think the secondary screen on the V10 and V20 are gimmicks or useful? Let us know in the comments below!

Zachary Gonzalez

November 20, 2016, 8:36 pm

I'm using my V20 right now to read this article.

And personally I love the second screen, absolutely love it. Especially when your in game you can have it display the time and notifications constantly instead of having to pull down the huge bar during the game.

Also even with 3200Mah battery my standby over 12 hours is still 96%

I also still don't understand all the complaints with the battery.

I can get through a day with it, and I'm a huge power user.

But they gave it a simple fix. A removable battery... I love it that this phone has a flagship spec sheet and can have the battery removed. And really easily as well.


November 20, 2016, 10:54 pm

I too am reading this on my V20. I came from the Note 7 and while I liked that phone much more, this phone is pretty functional...

About the second screen, I find myself using it more and more and don't think it is just a gimmick at all. I can answer calls from it, make new call from it, go directly to my favorite apps, and turn on/off services without turning on the screen. For me it just makes accessing things more convenient.


November 21, 2016, 3:21 am

I am typing this on a V10 and I use the ticker screen functions all the time. It was a major reason I wanted this phone.
Once your muscle memory kicks in and you don't have to remind yourself of its capabilities is when it truly shines. So quit being lazy take the time to set it up and remind yourself to use it and you will enjoy the phone that much more .


November 21, 2016, 5:12 am

The new Huawei mate 9, seems to be the current best right now. In test, it always scores higher than other androids.


November 21, 2016, 7:31 am

In tests, their devices are found to be phoning home.

dragos pascu

November 21, 2016, 10:13 am

that's not the next model in line, that's supposed to be the global model for a phone already launched in korea, but then....we must have activity and write about something, right? doesn't matter if we don't know what we're writing about...

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