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This driverless Land Rover could be the future of transport


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The driverless future is nearly here, and there’s a good chance it will look like this.

Land Rover has sponsored a British designer to develop design concepts for an autonomous vehicle, giving us a glimpse at a possible future of transport. The hypothetical car – dubbed the 'Land Rover Aegis' – was envisioned by Matthew Robson, currently studying for a Master’s in Vehicle Design at the Royal College of Art.

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Robson describes – colourfully – his Land Rover Aegis as follows:

“This Land Rover sponsored project explores the notion of handing over our safety, security, and control to an object. Made from two intersecting monolithic surfaces, one of which symbolises strength and function the other encompassing the occupants in their own closed off environment. Helping passengers to relax into this inevitable change from manual to autonomous.”

The first fully functional driverless cars are expected to arrive on UK roads by 2020. Check out what Land Rover’s vision of that might look like below:

Check out the rest of Robson's concept images below the video...

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