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iPhone 7 handsets are arriving linked to the wrong Apple ID


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Some brand new iPhone 7 handsets are arriving with customers linked to an Apple ID email address other than their own.

The Activation Lock issue is reportedly affecting new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus handsets powered on by users for the first time.

However, according to MacRumors and users on Twitter last year’s iPhone 6S/6S Plus range is also succumbing when some owners restore to factory settings.

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Another user claimed his iPhone 6s suddenly defaulted to an Activation Lock after setting up a new iPhone 7.

The problem is pretty handicapping, given those people receiving the affected phones are unable to set complete the set-up process.

It is interesting this story is only just gaining traction this week, with Twitter reports dating back to mid-September when the iPhone 7 went on sale.

Users have been able to resolve the issue by calling Apple’s customer support or by visiting a Genius Bar at an Apple Store.

Apple is yet to comment on the reports.

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Glenn Gore

October 6, 2016, 9:31 am

This happened to me when I decided to sell my old iPhone 6s after buying a new iPhone 7. I turned off Find My iPhone, etc like you're supposed to do, then erased/reset the old phone, but it came back up with "u*****@icloud.com" as the login for Activation Lock instead of my proper email address. It shouldn't have come back up with any email address at all since I did an erase/reset. Now I have to go back to the original Apple store where I purchased the phone (3 states away), scan & send that to Apple, and hope they will agree that I didn't steal the phone and unlock it for me.

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