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Ekster Wallet is the flick-knife of wallets


ekster wallet
Your card, sir?

If you've ever fumbled with your wallet trying to find the right card, Ekster Wallet is for you.

It's like the flick-knife of the wallet world. Just click a button, and a spring-loaded mechanism pops your cards out in a staggered arrangement so you can quickly pick the one you need. And if that sounds a little dangerous, don't worry – there's a friction mechanism to stop your cards falling on the floor.

That's the headline feature, but the wallet has plenty of other abilities too. You can track it using an app on your phone, and use it to find your handset – press a button and your phone will start ringing, even if it's in silent mode. So as long as you don't lose both your phone and wallet, you'll be able to locate the other.

The wallet has RFID/NFC blocking tech to stop ne'er-do-wells stealing your card information. And it's slim, so won't bulk out your pocket.

It even comes with a multi-purpose strap for storing extra cards and cash. You moneybags, you.

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It comes in two versions. The Ekster Parliament has a more rustic look, while the Ekster Senate is a sleeker-looking model that only takes cards.

It's passed its funding goal and will ship in May. If you want one, pledge €81 or more. But hurry, the campaign ends in a couple of days.


September 27, 2016, 6:47 am

Mine came with no institutions. And doesn't seem to work!


September 27, 2016, 11:42 am

I will get mine today or tomorrow

Marcelo Nandi

November 7, 2016, 8:50 pm

I've got a BROWN PARLIAMENT (incl. tracker) and I have to tell you, I am extremely unhappy with the end product. The cards fall out of the wallet all the time and I can't keep the tracker activated at all otherwise, my phone will ring non-stop while having the wallet on my pocket.

I normally don't write reviews for anything but I really had to for this one.

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