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DAB gets 12 more radio stations in the UK, with more on the way


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DAB (digital audio broadcasting) has just added a further 12 stations in the UK.

That's because the switch has been flicked on a second 'multiplex', opening up some airwaves and allowing more stations to join the digital revolution.

These are: Share Radio, Premier Christian Radio, Fun Kids, Kisstory, Planet Rock, Absolute 80s, Sunrise Radio, Jazz FM, Awesome Radio, UCB2, Panjab Radio and Heat.

But that's not all. On March 15, DAB will also add Mellow Magic and talkSport 2, then talkRadio will join on March 21 and Premier Praise on March 27.

Magic Chilled will arrive on March 28, followed by Virgin Radio on March 30.

To get these stations, you'll have to retune your radio – just press the Autotune, AutoScan or Scan button and it'll do the rest.

These additions should be a massive leg-up to DAB. The technology hasn't quite delivered on its promise – while it mostly offers better audio quality, easier tuning and more station information, it has suffered from poor coverage in rural areas. This update won't fix that problem, but it will put a few more strings in DAB's bow.

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The regulators are working to improve DAB radio. Ofcom has trialled smaller, cheaper DAB transmitter set-ups across the UK – these cover no more than 40 per cent of existing local DAB multiplexes, and offer smaller commercial stations the chance to broadcast digitally to listeners nearby.

Of course, there's also the option of streaming over the web. With better broadband speeds and technologies like 4G now covering large parts of the UK, this is an increasingly attractive proposition.

David Horn

February 29, 2016, 5:47 pm

Would prefer the same number of stations and higher bit rates for the more popular ones. Absolute Radio sounds like it's broadcasting from the bottom of a well.


February 29, 2016, 7:11 pm

Planet Rock has been on DAB for years


March 8, 2016, 2:36 pm

If anyone wants to buy 5 DAB radios, let me know:-(
I live in East Anglia and, along with the South West and many other areas, we are losing the only rock station on DAB.
I, and many others, only bought our radios for the one station. I've been listening since the start and am so disappointed that I will no longer be able to listen (no, I don't have unlimited or reliable broadband, or Sky, or Freesat, or enough mobile data allowance).

For anyone who feels the same, the petition is here


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