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BlackBerry: Next 10 years will see mobile changes as important as the switch to portable phones

Luke Johnson


Thorsten Heins
Thorsten Heins

Monumental changes to the mobile sector over the coming decade will bring innovations as important as the first mobile phones, BlackBerry has suggested.

Highlighting the fact that mobile devices have become “a fundamental part of our lives,” BlackBerry President and CEO Thorsten Heins has suggested the market will continue to develop at a monumental rate, with the next decade to see drastic steps in the progression of the mobile scene.

Stepping away from just single devices, Heins has predicted that mobile device will soon control all of our technological interactions, with mobile technologies acting as an entry point in the rest of our lives.

“Mobile has become a fundamental part of our lives and the next decade will see a major shift in how it impacts all of our other interacts,” the BlackBerry head stated during his keynote speech at BlackBerry Live 2013 today.

“In my view, it will be as important and as monumental as the shift we experienced 20 years ago when we switched from wired to wireless.”

Highlighting his company’s intentions to be involved in this predicted movement, he added: “At BlackBerry we are committed to drive and innovation and again changing the mobile landscape. We will show the world that BlackBerry understands mobile better than anyone else. We live and breathe mobile.”

Although failing to go into precise details, Heins touched on a number of areas where mobile will have an impact, suggesting that smartphone devices could soon have a place in everything from home entertainment to in-car setups.

On the later, the CEO went on to demonstrate the world’s first smartphone to car video chat, with BlackBerry 10 powered handsets interacting with in-car systems to provide both business, entertainment and communication benefits on the move.

Having struggled in the smartphone sector in recent years, BlackBerry will need to improve its standing with consumers if it is to feature in this ‘monumental mobile movement’ that is on the horizon.


May 14, 2013, 8:49 pm

Its already a sad state of affairs with people perceiving their phone as an "adult comfort blanket". Ironic indeed that social sites have actually robbed people of socialising in the real world. It seems quantity not quality is the new trend with thousands of social "friends" taking precident over a few quality real world friends. The typical restaurant scenario is now two people out for a lunch updating facebook rather than actually communicating with each other. Very sad and things will only get worse as the rot sets deeper.

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