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Another new Apple TV box may be on the way to battle Amazon Echo


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Apple is planning to refresh its Apple TV hardware once again, in order to compete with the Amazon Echo speaker according to a report on Thursday.

Earlier this week week it was reported the company was working on a new device to help Siri compete with Amazon’s Alexa in the home.

However, VentureBeat believes that device will take the form of another Apple TV box that’ll double up as a smart home hub.

Apple only refreshed the box last year, but many owners (this one included) have been underwhelmed by the Siri integration and the new voice-activated remote.

VB reports the revamped box will both fix the problems with the existing device and add improved functionality that would enable Apple to cut into Amazon’s lead in the sector.

“They want Apple TV to be just the hub of everything,” the source said.

Right now, the Siri integration only stretches to dictation and finding content within apps, but the firm plans to build on that with the new release, according to the source.

Processing those queries would be beyond the capabilities of a software update that could keep 2015 Apple TV owners in the loop. Instead ‘additional computing infrastructure’ would be required.

Previous expectations for the new Apple TV is that it could act as a hub for Apple’s HomeKit platform, but that did not come to fruition with the latest release.

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Just last week, Google announced its forthcoming entry into the market with the Google Home speaker, expected to be released later this year.

The attractive speaker, Google says, will build on Amazon’s work in the field by offering users contextual, conversational responses to queries.


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