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Amazon set to supply MP3s with CD purchases in auto rip service


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Amazon is set to launch a new auto rip service, which will include free MP3 downloads with every CD purchase, according to a new report.

The news comes from Cnet, which has been talking with "multiple sources with knowledge of the plan." It would mean that anyone buying CDs through the Amazon website or one of its mobile apps would also be entitled to a free MP3 download of the album through Amazon Cloud.

'Auto rip,' as it's apparently being referred to within Amazon's walls, would represent a shot in the arm for the dying compact disc format.

Interestingly, the report claims that it wouldn't just be new CD purchases that would receive a free digital copy. Apparently, Amazon is also considering opening up the service to past purchases too.

That's every CD you've ever bought from Amazon instantly stored digitally in the cloud without having to go through and rip them all the old fashioned way - free of charge.

As the report points out, Amazon's new initiative isn't a completely new idea. in recent times, five of the six big Hollywood studios have invested in UltraViolet, which gives you access to cloud-stored digital copies of their films whenever you purchase a physical copy.

Contrary to popular misconception, the CD is still the leading format for music sales, although it is in rapid decline whilst digital music sales continue to grow.

There's been no official confirmation or denial from Amazon as yet, but the idea of auto rip certainly makes a lot of sense for a company that makes a fair chunk of its money from selling music.

Via: Cnet


January 11, 2013, 9:24 am

other sites are saying that this is US only for now...

I wouldn't be surprised if the PRS and/or BPI try to hammer Amazon for this (charge them double the wholesale cost because the MP3 is an additional copy to be charged for) causing them to not bring it to the UK...


January 13, 2013, 6:31 pm

Why would I want Amazon to auto rip the CD, with all the inherent inaccuracies and problems that brings, when I can rip it myself at home in 5 minutes and have it display and play properly on my MP3 player? I rarely buy anything other than CDs but recently downloaded a multiple album boxset from Amazon at a great price and was flummoxed by how it was archived in such a way that it now plays the first track off each disc, followed by the second track from each disc and so on, instead of playing the discs in order. Seems like an unnecessary service.

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