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Kenwood kMix Hand Blender HB891 review



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Kenwood kMix Hand Blender HB891
  • Kenwood kMix Hand Blender HB891
  • Kenwood kMix Hand Blender HB891


Our Score:



  • Loads of attachments make it versatile
  • Different speeds settings are useful
  • Looks great thanks to premium build


  • Taxing to use due to heavy weight
  • Some attachment confusing to use

Key Features

  • Five speed settings
  • Comes with cutting, grating, slicing and whisking tools
  • 700W power output
  • Manufacturer: Kenwood
  • Review Price: £119.99

At A Glance

The Kenwood kMix is the most expensive hand blender in our round-up and it comes with the most attachments. Indeed, the Kenwood kMix is more a blender and food processor in one. The food processor bowl comes with a cutting blade, a grating and slicing attachment that can shred a lettuce with ease, and it also comes with a whisk and two different sizes of 700W stem hand blenders – a large one for industrial soups or a smaller one for miscellaneous tasks.

This makes it fairly intimidating when you first set it up as the kMix and all of its attachments can be assembled upon a special display stand that looks fairly impressive in the kitchen.

We Like

The kMix has an easy locking system that makes it easy for you to change accessory and safe for use at high speeds. All of the blades use a 700W motor and the Kenwood TriBlade technology, and we can assure you that all of them cut anything down to size with ease and speed.

There are five different speed settings to use, and the various blades and food processing combinations allow a bit more control over how smooth the mixture ends up than other hand blenders we’ve tested.

You simply have to twist the top of the kMix to change the speed and there’s just one button to turn the blender on. It’s easy to use and grip, too.

The kMix also looks great. Its aluminium and stainless steel design has a pleasing retro charm and the build quality is top-notch.

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Kenwood kMix Hand Blender HB891

We Don’t Like

The premium materials that Kenwood has used to make the kMix have an unfortunate side effect: it’s heavy. The kMix is a heavy gadget on its own, and when you attach either of the stem hand blenders, it can be pretty taxing on your wrist.

As mentioned before, the kMix is a bit intimidating and its not immediate how the slicing and grating attachment functions, but there’s a great instruction manual that we’d actually recommend giving a read. There’s a selection of recipe suggestions too.

Should You Buy It?

If you’re willing to shell out a whopping £120, the Kenwood kMix is certainly worth it. There’s a variety of attachments to tackle any culinary task and it’s very easy to use.

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Overall Score

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