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JVC DLA-HD350 D-ILA Projector


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The HD350 follows in the groundbreaking footsteps of the HD1, meanwhile, by serving up jaw-dropping amounts of sharpness and fine detailing. During Casino Royale I actually noticed levels of skin detail in Daniel Craig's face I'd never noticed before, as well as new levels of pixel detail in the screen of the computer Bond uses in M's apartment.

What's more, this remarkable clarity isn't accompanied by any sort of grittiness, as we find with some other very sharp projector pictures. And the HD350 doesn't need any help from any sharpness enhancement processing, either; everything you see is just the HD350 reproducing what's there on the disc with total precision.

If the HD1 and even the later, higher spec HD100 JVC D-ILA models had any faults, it was that they didn't produce especially bright pictures, and couldn't produce colours as rich as those of the best DLP models. But the HD350 makes great strides in both departments, achieving brightness levels (up from the HD1's 800 Lumens to 1000 Lumens) that comfortably satisfy our 110in screen, and colours that look intense and radiant but also, for the most part, superbly natural in tone.

Add to the already mesmerising HD350 picture mix totally sharp, blur-free motion reproduction, natural unforced edges and some of the best standard definition pictures we've seen on a projector thanks to the unit's use of Silicon Optix's HQV Reon-VX video processing engine, and you really are talking about a pretty much perfect package.

Really the only area where I feel there's any significant room for improvement on the HD350, given its price, is in the colour department. For while colours are generally outstanding, my eye was caught by the very occasional appearance of a slightly rogue tone.

Setting the Gamma level to its B preset seemed to minimise this issue, but if money's no object, boosting the colour performance might be just enough of a reason for you to save up for the upcoming HD750, which will add an extremely sophisticated colour management system to the feature mix. Needless to say, the extra colour management will also make the HD750 the model of choice for most high-end custom install specialists.


The DLA-HD350 is a simply stunning projector that continues to prove the extreme potency of JVC's D-ILA Wire Grid technology. In fact, it's so good that I'd have recommended it wholeheartedly if it cost five grand. So at less than £3.5k it's nothing short of a home cinema steal.


December 3, 2008, 5:53 pm

I'm yet to dive in on the projector front, but please would you mention noise from the device itself in reviews? I find that's the number one put-off for people with projectors (after 'where do you put it?' I guess).


December 3, 2008, 9:04 pm

@MarioM - You mean like this?

"Provided you've got a properly blacked out cinema room, we'd recommend you stick with the low output here, as it makes a really big impact on the amount of running noise the projector produces. Indeed, the 19db or so emitted with the lamp set low makes the projector practically inaudible, unless your seating position happens to be right next to it."

OK, John didn't mention how loud it is when the lamp isn't set to low, but I'd hope that anyone thinking of spending over ١,000 on a projector can afford black-out blinds or curtains for the room it's in :)

Robert Farquharson

March 1, 2009, 1:58 am

The HD1 did not have direct access to each aspect ratio (you had to scroll through them) and you could not turn all of the on screen display off. The first problem meant that the projector did not integrate well into control systems such as the Crestron, and the second issue is just plain annoying as on screen display messages are a sure fire way of destroying the home cinema illusion. Why? My previous Infocus projector offered these options but I upgraded to the HD1 to avoid the rainbow effect. JVC simply ignore any comments about this or enquiries about a possible firmware upgrade to solve the problem. They even ignored my specialist HiFi store! The HD1 has a superb image but these problems are annoying. I hope the new projectors have improved on this.

Darren Daniell

March 5, 2012, 12:19 am

I brought one of these, the picture was great until the unit clocked up 400 hours at which time the lamp lost around 40% of it's brightness,i am very disappointed i would not recommend this unit because of this issue. I contacted JVC who wrote back once and then nothing, very poor aftercare back up.

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