Jessops 10.4-inch LCD Picture Frame - Jessops LCD Picture Frame

By Cliff Smith



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The image quality displayed by the monitor is very good. Its 800 x 600 resolution may not sound like much, but at the kind of viewing distance at which it will typically be used it is certainly sharp enough, and both colour and contrast are as good as most computer monitors. Slide transitions are smooth as long as the file size isn't too enormous, and look tasteful and discreet, in other words there are no tacky star wipes or wavy lines.

The frame comes with a concise 20-page manual, but in fact setting it up and using it are so simple and intuitive that it's hardly needed. It is a simple device designed to do a simple job, so there's no point in making it over-complicated.

My only criticism with this particular frame is in fact that it may be a little too simple. Some other frames incorporate clock and calendar functions, and can play a wider variety of media, especially video file types that this model does not support. Some also have Bluetooth or WiFi connectivity, so that files can be uploaded directly from a home network, but then those frames are also a lot more expensive and some don't have such nice screens. For simplicity, display quality and value for money this one has a lot going for it.


If you're looking for an ideal seasonal gift for the photographer in your life, or if you want a way to share and display your photos without the hassle of printing and framing them yourself, this easy-to-use digital picture frame is just the thing. It's stylish, well made, versatile, has an excellent monitor screen and would look good almost anywhere.

Alan Pardue

January 30, 2013, 10:16 am

Regarding this review by Cliff Smith, in 2008, does anybody know whether various folders containing photos can be stored and selected individually, or does it unload every photo in the memory? Appreciate advices from anyone who knows how it works. Instruction Manual not clear, not to me anyway! Thank you..


January 30, 2013, 12:29 pm

Hi Alan. It's a bit old now so I can't tell you for sure but I bought a few similar products at the time and they invariably had no option to select specific images or folders. What I did to combat this was buy a load of very cheap 256MB cards and put different collections of pics on them to make easy changes.

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