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Fujifilm XF1 - Sample Images: ISO Performance

By Paul Nuttall


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Fujifilm XF1


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Fujifil XF1 ISO

The full-sized image of our colour checker chart, taken at ISO 100 (click to see full size). The images below are 100% crops taken from the same scene, shot at rising ISO values from ISO 100 to ISO 12,800.

Fujifil XF1 ISO 100

ISO 100

Fujifil XF1 ISO 200

ISO 200

Fujifil XF1 ISO 400

ISO 400

Fujifil XF1 ISO 800

ISO 800

Fujifil XF1 ISO 1600

ISO 1600

Fujifil XF1 ISO 3200

ISO 3200

Fujifil XF1 ISO 6400

ISO 6400 (expanded mode, max 8MP)

Fujifil XF1 ISO 12,800

ISO 12,800 (expanded mode, max 4MP)

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