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Epson Expression Premium XP-605 review



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Epson Expression Premium XP-605
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Our Score:



  • Easy disc print
  • Touch panel controls
  • Low-profile, living room look


  • Low capacity main paper tray
  • Paper tray feels stiff to move
  • Confusing manual

Key Features

  • Direct CD/DVD print
  • Memory cards and PictBridge sockets
  • Twin paper trays
  • Wireless connection with WPS
  • Sleek, white case
  • Manufacturer: Epson
  • Review Price: £128.00

When designing the Expression Premium XP-605, it seems Epson took a good look at the HP Envy range of all-in-one printers and decided it wanted a slice of the lifestyle market too. Epson's XP-605 has a similar low-profile look to HP's offering, and its all white case will certainly fit in well in many living rooms.

However, while the Envy machines are £170 or more, Epson undercuts this by around £40. There’s a trade-off to be had, but surprisingly the feature set on the Expression machine exceeds that of HP's.

Although lower to the desk than regular Epson all-in-ones, this machine is still quite a bit taller than an Envy. The main thing to suffer is the main paper tray, which has a capacity of just 100 sheets, though there is a 20-sheet, powered photo tray above this. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

Epson Expression Premium XP-605

At the top, a slightly textured white scanner lid lifts easily to show a conventional flatbed scanner, except with extra symbols to indicate where to position a CD to copy its label. Behind the lid is a dummy section which on other models holds a single-sheet feed, but on this model just has a peculiar black indentation, which disturbs the printer’s otherwise sleek lines.

The front panel hinges up from the front to any position between vertical and horizontal. It has a 63mm colour LCD and touch controls, though these are in separate panels either side of the screen, which isn’t itself touch sensitive. To the left of the screen is a socket for memory cards and below this another for PictBridge cameras and USB drives.

Epson Expression Premium XP-605 - Controls

Perhaps the most unusual part of the design is the paper output tray, which pulls out from underneath the control panel, once you’ve flipped down a cosmetic cover.

It really feels as if this paper tray is designed to be a powered feature, as when you try to pull it out or push it back into place it’s stiff and rough, as two small sprockets rotate along moulded tracks in the tray’s top surface. We're not sure how this one got past the focus groups.

At the bottom of the printer is a slide-out CD/DVD caddie, which can be slotted into grooves in the paper-out tray for direct disc printing, giving the machine a very versatile feature set.

This is covered well by the supplied software, which includes ABBYY OCR and disc labelling software, as well as control for its wireless and USB connections. Hinge up the scanner section and you'll reveal slots for five cartridges, as this machine supports both regular and photo black inks.


October 25, 2012, 10:41 pm

The output tray is supposed to be automatic - it says so in the user manual and in their promotional video. However, I've just bought one of these and the automatic feature doesn't work. I've e-mailed them to find out why.

Jason Fenton

February 9, 2013, 12:30 pm

Same as Zabe, why are we not told that the paper tray is not automatic on this model. Waste of my money.

Paul Watkins

March 15, 2013, 4:27 pm

Very disappointed with this printer. Worked fine initially, then had to do a firmware update and it's awful. Uses masses of ink. I've had to change the cartridges after just approx 15 pages of black text. ALL cartridges had to be replaced as Epson said that when the printer is first used, the heads need 'charging'!! What with 5mls of each colour ink?? They 100% refused to consider that this was unreasonable and asked that I changed all the ink cartridges again at a cost to me of arojnd £30!....with no guarantee it would workcorrectly after I had done so. Stuck now. What do I do? Bin it? Change the catridges again? complain to Epson again and get charged 10p per minute to do so? NOT V Happy!


June 16, 2013, 11:10 am

I also have been onto Epson, not happy about the end result and have the option to return"3 months old", chat to them on line, costs nothing!


October 14, 2013, 2:40 am

Disapointed.. leaves deposits of black ink on most photos, somtimes pictures are blurred, manual is confusing, should have stuck to canon!

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