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Niall Magennis



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A while back Men's Health Magazine put together a nutrition book aimed a blokes rather than women called simply Eat This, Not That. As the name suggests, the book highlights a range of substitute foods that are healthier than the standard burger and pizza diet of the stereotype unhealthy male. Unsurprisingly it proved to be quite a big hit. Now the magazine has turned the book into a sort of nutrition challenge app.

Eat This

It displays two different types of foods next to each other and asks you to guess which is the healthier option. There are two play modes - casual and speed mode. In casual mode you are awarded points for each correct answer and can view nutritional data after you complete each question. In speed mode points are deducted for incorrect answers, but you win bonuses when you hit a run of right ones.


Simple and fun, you’ll sometimes be surprised by some of the correct answers. Be warned though, the adverts can be annoying at times.

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Tulai Paul

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