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Dyson DC50 Animal review

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  • Powerful cyclone suction
  • Easy to manoeuvre
  • Hygienic bagless cleaning


  • Expensive
  • No handle release

Review Price £349.00

Key Features: 2 Tier Radial cyclone suction; Bagless dirt chamber; Dyson Ball technology

Manufacturer: Dyson


More than just your average household consumer brand, Dyson has forged an identity for itself in producing premium vacuum cleaners that are hugely impressive performers and visually appealing to boot, an identity that it has continued with the Dyson DC50 Animal.

The latest upright cleaner from the iconic brand, the Dyson DC50 Animal boasts strong cleaning abilities thanks to its 2 Tier Radial cyclone suction technology. Circulating air within the compact cyclones to pull out dirt particles as little as 0.5 microns in size, the new Dyson DC50 features the same suction credentials as its compact Dyson DC47 sibling, helping ensure a dust and dirt free home.

Further enhancing the high-end vacuum’s cleaning abilities; Dyson has incorporated its third-generation ball technology, sitting the device atop a steering sphere for improved manoeuvrability that allows for on the spot turning. What’s more, a selection of boxed accessories, including the new Tangle-free Turbine tool, help ensure that all surface types and hard to reach areas are tackled with equal aplomb and sufficient ease.

As much as Dyson has become associated with premium devices, it has also become known for its high-end price tags and the Dyson DC50 price is no different. Setting wannabe owners back £349, the Dyson DC50 is far from cheap. For this outlay, however, you get a device that makes cleaning about as pleasing and fuss-free as possible,. What's more a five years parts and labour guarantee helps keep your mind at ease when whizzing around with what is a very expensive appliance.

Dyson DC50

Dyson DC50 Animal Design

The company’s smallest upright model to date, the Dyson DC50 Animal is a compact vacuum cleaner which features a retractable handle for improved storage possibilities. Cutting almost 30cm off the vacuum’s height when collapsed, the Dyson DC50 measures in at a mere 76.6cm tall with the handle down and a comfortable 106.4cm high with the handle up.

As well as aiding storage, this collapsible handle also improves the portability of the device, making it far less awkward to carry from room to room between uses.

Continuing the company’s high-end aesthetical values, the Dyson DC50 Animal is extremely easy on the eye and though it stands out, it does so in a satisfyingly bold way. With sleek lines and seamlessly curved edges, the Dyson DC50 continues Dyson's trend in bringing an air of premium appeal and a splash of colour to a market more akin to bland plastic devices with little design appeal.

As much a case of brains as beauty, Dyson’s latest upright vacuum improves hygiene whilst aiding ease of use, with the Dyson DC50 Animal’s 0.8 litre capacity transparent dust and dirt bin proving a simplistic joy to empty. Locking into the vacuum’s body during use, the Dyson DC50’s bin detaches at the press of a single, easy to access button. Following this, the integrated carry handle allows the waste receptacle to be moved to a dustbin before a second press of the button sees the unit’s base swing open, dumping the waste without the need to get your hands dirty.

Despite the device’s largely plastic construction, the Dyson DC50 Animal feels relatively sturdy and well built. Standing up to large amounts of pressure and a number of heavy knocks and bumps during use, the premium vacuum cleaner suffers from no unwanted flex or bending with the hardwearing finish showing no signs of use following a couple of weeks of frequent activity.

Helping unsure a continued and uninhibited cleaning experience, Dyson has offered easy access to the DC50’s brushbar base. Whilst this is not always needed, when facing strands of hair tangled around the bar, this proves invaluable and a considerable time saver when detangling compared to rival devices.

Dyson DC50

Dyson DC50 Animal Handling

Direct from the box, the Dyson DC50 is a joy to use with the upright vacuum cleaner lining up as an easy to manoeuvre offering that will help dramatically reduce your cleaning times.

With much of this ease of use praise falling on the ball navigation technology at the heart of the device, Dyson’s tech filled steering system not only keeps the inner workings of the Dyson DC50 Animal out of sight and out of mind, but offers a user experience that is unparalleled by rival machines.

Able to switch direction on the spot, the ball mechanism offers a smooth roll across all surface types with no disruption or loss of control when jumping from a raised plush rug down to a hardwood floor, or vice versa. Reducing the amount of fiddly back-and-forth required with wheeled vacuums to navigate tight, furniture strewn spaces, the ball at the centre of the Dyson DC50 Animal means the compact cleaner can easily weave its way thrown narrow gaps with little fuss or fanfare, reducing cleaning times and frustration levels alike.

Although this free-ranging movement can be a little unpredictable and unruly at first, following a couple of uses the Dyson DC50 Animal becomes a natural extension of your body, responding to minute changes in direction.

As well as being extremely compact and easy to store, thanks to a minimalist 5.4kg weight, the Dyson DC50 Animal is easy to transport between rooms with the carry handle built into the device’s transparent bin allowing for single handed use.

On top of this, thanks to the unit’s 7.6m power cable, the Dyson DC50 Animal features an 8.7m maximum reach, a reach that unless faced with an exceptionally large room with poor socket placement, should help you avoid constantly jumping between different power outlets in order to clean a room. Although offering an impressive cleaning radius, the Dyson DC50 Animal’s power cord is not without its faults.

Whilst the cord catching on furniture or falling under foot is an issue that affects all cabled cleaners, the cable storage arms on the Dyson DC50 Animal feel slightly too small for comfortable and swift storage of the 7.6m power provider. That said, once the cable has been finely balanced, removing it for fast access use is a breeze with the top arm rotating through 180-degrees to literally shed its load and dump the cable ready for use.

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