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Canon PIXMA MP630 All-In-One Inkjet
  • Canon PIXMA MP630 All-In-One Inkjet
  • Canon PIXMA MP630 All-In-One Inkjet
  • Canon PIXMA MP630 All-In-One Inkjet
  • Canon PIXMA MP630 All-In-One Inkjet
  • Canon PIXMA MP630 All-In-One Inkjet
  • Canon PIXMA MP630 All-In-One Inkjet
  • PIXMA MP630 Inkjet Multifunction Printer - ColourDesktop (Printer, Scanner, Copier - 25 ppm Mono - 21 ppm Color - 20 Second Photo - 9600 x 2400 dpi - 301 sheets Input Capacity - USB - PC, Mac)


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Canon's PIXMA MP610 was an excellent all-in-one, combining a very generous feature set with excellent print quality and reasonable costs. Its successor, therefore, has a lot to live up to and the PIXMA MP630 is, wisely, not a radical departure from its predecessor.

The case design of the MP630 is still largely composed of frosted silver and piano black, but in different places. Like the MP610, it's a substantial machine, with a black rim to the lid, echoing the black base. A paper tray pulls up from the rear and there's a second feed from a tray underneath at the front, both of which can hold up to 150 sheets paper. The front tray is intended for plain paper but the rear one, with a straighter paper path, can take either plain or photo paper.

With the output tray folded down from the front of the machine, you can get at the internal, flip-down cover, which gives access to the feed for CD and DVD printing. A disc carrier is supplied and this handles both standard discs and the smaller, credit card sized media.

The flatbed scanner can take single sheets of plain paper or photo prints, but there's no transparency adapter set into the underside of the lid, as there is in the PIXMA 980.

Set into its top side is a fold-up, 62mm LCD display and underneath this is the now standard Canon control panel, incorporating two softkeys and the company's easy-to-use, click-dial control for menu navigation. This has to be the easiest way of negotiating setup options yet incorporated in a printer.

On the heavily curved, right front edge of the machine is a flip-open cover, which reveals three memory card slots, so you can plug in virtually any of the current formats. There's a PictBridge socket, too, though this is below the cover door and is always available. The only PC data connection is a USB 2.0 socket at the back, though a Bluetooth adapter is available as an option.

Hinge up the whole of the scanner section of the PIXMA MP630 and you can get at the clip-in, lifetime print head and the five ink cartridges. The all-in-one uses a separate pigmented black ink for printing text and four dye-based colours for graphics and photos. A bank of red LEDs show when each cartridge is correctly plugged in and flash when its ink is low.

The software bundle includes Canon's usual mix of scanning, printing and photo management applications, including an OCR engine. It installs without any fuss and only takes around 10 minutes.

maurice hawkes

January 4, 2009, 4:09 am

i was thinking of buying one of theses people have to work out how much the canon inks are i think they are a rip of in this new all one effort i am a canon fan at the minute i use a epson r22o inks for that are 㿀 compatables canon own for mp630 are big money and they have cut down on the inks thats in the cartridges work it out for yours selfs and i am a canon person i am very unhappy with canon . if i am right there was no test in the times and how much a colour print was of a4 is its about people kick up about the inks rip of or buy something thats just as good maurice hawkes

Mark 16

January 7, 2009, 5:46 pm

Er. So why should I buy the MP630 over last year's cheaper, faster MP610?


March 23, 2010, 12:59 pm

I note the review makes no comment about operating systems

I've got one of these and it worked fine with Windows Vista and printing graphics images via PS Elements

I've now got an imac and I'm having a lot of trouble getting it back to full functionality. I can't print in draft mode or tell it which place to take paper from or do any of the other adjustments. Given I've changed macgine, operating system, drivers and graphics software it's difficult to know where the problem lies. The imac recognises it as the an MP 630 but it just doesn't function as it should do.

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