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Brother MFC-J6510DW - Performance and Verdict

By Simon Williams



Our Score:


Brother claims speeds of 12ppm and 10ppm for black and colour A4 prints, respectively. We saw very similar times to those from the Brother MFCJ6910DW, no surprise, since it uses the same print engine. Our five-page text document gave 6.8ppm, while the 20-page one increased this to 9.1ppm, so not far off the claimed speed. In fast (draft) mode, the printer managed 9.4ppm.

We only saw 6.0ppm from the text and colour graphics document, though, and 3.8 sides per minute when we printed duplex, a standard function of the printer. An A3 version of the text and graphics print took 3mins 25s, the equivalent of 1.5ppm. These speeds are all reasonable, even for an inkjet printer costing over £200.

Printing a copy from the flatbed scanner took 28s for an A4 original and 43s for A3. Using the ADF, the printer managed a five-page document in 1min 32s, which is again a very presentable speed. Although the machine has duplex print, it only has a simplex scanner, so you can produce a two-sided copy from two single-sided originals, but not do a full duplex-to-duplex copy.

15 x 10 cm photo prints vary from 1min 10s to 2mins 2s, but even a full A3 print only took 3mins 38s, so you won't be waiting forever to print photos.

Print quality from the MFC-J6510DW is again much the same as it was from the machine’s bigger sibling. Text print is both fuzzy around the edges and heavy on the page. Colour graphics are bright and registration of black text over colour is accurate. Photographic prints are better than some, with good rendition of different colour tones, though a slight over-red cast.

We managed to find a slightly cheaper source for the ink cartridges, which are available in two yields, than we did when reviewing the earlier machine and these costs can of course be applied to both printers, since the cartridges are identical. We calculate an ISO black page cost of 1.8p and an ISO colour page cost of 5.5p, both of which are very competitive with rivals.


If you need A3 print on a day-to-day basis, then your choices of inkjet all-in-ones are limited. This printer, though feeling a bit flimsily plastic in places, does the things many people will want. A3 print and copy is handled well but, as before, it is plain paper print quality that lets the machine down.

Norm Luke

January 4, 2012, 11:40 am

There is a massive error in your review here. Did you bother reading the manual? There IS a multi-purpose paper feed at the back of the printer, much like many other printers. However, it takes single sheets only. Shame on you! Printing on this machine is glacially slow. Almost as slow as molasses going uphill in mid-winter. Why on earth does it have to go through a drying cycle before printing anything beats all that I have ever seen. My old Canon iP4300 prints an A4 print in high quality mode on plain paper in 1min 05sec, in virtual silence, while the Brother churns and chuffs and carries on before it prints an A4 print in high quality (there is a 'best, setting) mode on plain paper in a massive 1min 29sec. How on earth did you arrive at a score of 7/10 for print speed? Is there actually a printer out there that is slower? I have not tried printing on A3 paper yet -- I have yet to work up the courage. Incidentally, colour saturation is poor even when you select the 'Vivid' setting.


September 7, 2013, 5:43 pm

thank you for your opinion. I was unsure in buying this printer, thanks to you and other reviews i'll re-think my idea...


November 29, 2013, 4:07 am

This printer constantly falls off the network for no reason, and it's incredibly frustrating. Sometimes the software used to try and bring the printer back online will work, sometimes it will not, and there's no other options for getting this piece of junk working. DO NOT buy this printer if you are going to depend on it for important, timely scanning and printing. I have spent HOURS trying to get this scrape heap online so I can print out contracts. I will never buy a wireless scanner and printer again, and I will NEVER buy a Brother product again. JUNK.

Apple Notinthephonebook

April 1, 2014, 9:00 pm

yep. I got the same problem. the printer constantly jams, and falls off the network. since I upgraded to window 8, and updated the drivers, the printer is ok, but the scanning function has stopped. I have to constantly re-update the driver again and again. not happy.

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